Gang Related [Radio Version] lyrics


[Intro Dialougue]
Q-vo Toker
(What's up homeboy
Want some pista ese?)
Chale ese
Are there hynas with Shark?
(I don't know ese. Some hynas he picked up
Hey cajar, Shark.)
What's up Toker
(Who them hynas homes?)
sh*t, these hookas are ready to party ese. These hynas are down
(Orale ese. Watchale, a viene Lazy homes.)

[Verse 1: Toker]
Kicking back at the hood with some crazy vatos
Got some hynas lined up pero pa'mas al rato
Now I'm strolling down my calle to rush mе some bud
Seen a basehead on thе way and I sold him a dub
Put his twenty with my thirty and made a 5-0
Hit a fence to the alley to rush the indo
Now I'm strolling through the back putting the bud away
I gotta grab more dope to make some peso today
Now I'm standing on my corner and I'm slanging my D
When some putos drove up and took a blast at me
So I pulled out my quette and never hesitated
Came up and started blasting cause I knew they couldn't fade it
Toker's on the loose and I'm straight gang related

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