Cashmere Cat


I will (I will)
I will (I will)
I will
Oh-ooh (Oh-ooh)
Uh (Uh)

All white Gucci suit, I'm feeling righteous, yeah
I know that the truth is hard to digest, yeah
Five or six pills in my right hand, yeah

Codeine runneth over on my nightstand
Takin' medicine to fix all of the damage
My anxiety the size of a planet (Yeah, ooh)

Holes in my skull, over time
My heart's over ice (Woah)

[Verse 1]
Over ice, I'm freezing
Beautiful eyes, deceiving
We may die this evening
Coughing and wheezing, bleeding
Hi, I'm anxious so

Blood moons are my eyes, stay low
Red and black, they glow

Under attack, in my soul
When it's my time, I'll know
Never seen a hell so cold
Yeah, we'll make it out, I know
We'll run right through the flames, let's go

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