Da Lench Mob
Planet of Da Apes
Buck, buck, buck, dropping verses casting curses throwing these hexes on the devils with the treble the 240 pound gorilla b*t*h coming at ya [yeah] swinging from vine to vine yo with the nine its Maulkie see ya better run and check before you step because your sh*t will get wrecked clowning in the jungle in a [?] six four [dipping] looking for Yaqub and the rest of his crew so we can hang em high way in the sky and smoke on a blunt and watch these motherf**kers die and get some justice because we deserve this the truce is on you cross the line and get rushed kid respect to Farrakhan but I'm the jungle don the new gorilla top ranked honky killer I'm living proof that there's no escape yeah three black men from the planet of the apes

Steps on the land with the Lench mob crew [uh] T-Bone get popped no more twenty two oh I'm blessed making a mess [?] its the west side [what] the best side [what] woodies in the G ride [what] don't flip it to the beast side we ain't done yet tearing up sh*t guerrillas went gold but the G ain't rich so white motherf**ker pull your money out your Levi's mister Woody pull around and the G ride A to the K to the four four one eighty seven if you don't let me make it to eleven throw away that ski mask because n***ers don't ski [what's up] T-Bone yup I'm gone down with the Lench mob now you catch the [?] three black man from the planet of the apes

They play me like a penny pinching n***a I get two years in their cage and got bigger getting out the same needing knowledge of myself I got to play this evil f**king cracker to my left [motherf**ker] Woody rolled up I got scooped I'm tightening up the laces to my steel toe boots so I can walk stalk we stuck this devil down in the park jumped back in the ride then we done a super duper brother named [?] I don't drink forties T-Bone [?] give a toast to the [?] gonna be an all nighter shaking devils up from sipping a cup of apple cider ba boom here come the brothers from the dark side give me five on my black side the mission is complete [yeah] escape three black men from the planet of the apes


Kick that sh*t to the left motherf**ker