Da Lench Mob
Capital Punishment In America
The methods America has used to execute
Its criminals have changed over the years
From burning, to drawing and quartering
To hanging. Criminals have been axed
Crucified, buried alive, pressed with weights
Stones, impaled, starved, decapitated, and gibbeted
Gibbeting is the hanging of the condemned man
By chains to rot. Death usually takes weeks to occur. (Lench Mob)

Today, the breakdown of execution methods looks like this:
17 states use lethal injection, the electric chair is employed
In 15 states, Lethal Gas is the choice in 7 states, 3 states
Still hang their condemned, and 2 states execute their
Prisoners by firing squad. (Lench Mob)

As of 1987, Florida led the nation with 277 inmates awaiting death. Texas was second with 257, and California was third
With 219. The youngest person facing death was 16
Years old. (Lench Mob)

In the United States, public execution occasionally
Led to violence among the crowd, and senseless tragedy
For a few unfortunate witnesses. (Lench Mob)

The last public execution in America was on August 14th
1946. Nearly 20,000 people showed up to watch the
Hanging death of Rainey Bethea, a black man accused
Of raping a white woman

"Lets only eliminate on the grounds of the solace of
Bumpin' business and all of that, and everybody had a good time
And the mob was just totally unruly"

Mob was just totally unruly [X2]