Da Lench Mob
Endangered Species (Tales from the Darkside)
[Intro: Female News Reporter & Ice Cube]
"At the bottom of our news tonight, there's been a new animal aimed at falling off the face of our Earth. Yes, young black teenagers are reported to be the oldest, and the newest, creatures added to the endangered species list. As of now, no efforts have been made to preserve the Blacks. When asked why, a top law official adds, 'Because they make good game'"
(A young n***a got it bad cause I'm brown)

[Verse 1: Ice Cube]
Peace? Hahaha, don't make me laugh!
All I hear is motherf**kers rappin' succotash
Livin' large, tellin' me to get out the gang
I'm a n***a, gotta live by the trigga
How the f**k do you figure
That I can say "Peace" and the gunshots will cease?
Every cop killing goes ignored
They just send another n***a to the morgue
A point scored, they could give a f**k about us
They rather catch us with guns and white powder
If I was old, they'd probably be a friend of me
Since I'm young, they consider me the enemy
They kill ten of me to get the job correct
To serve, protect, and break a n***a's neck
Cuz I'm the one with the trunk of funk
And "F**k tha Police" in the tape deck
You should listen to me cuz there's more to see
Call my neighborhood a ghetto cuz it houses minorities
The other color don't know you can run but not hide
These are tales from the darkside

[Interlude: Chuck D + sample]
All of us are endangered, damn!
(A young n***a got it bad cause I'm brown)
(A young n***a got it bad cause I'm brown)

[Verse 2: Ice Cube]
You wanna free Africa? I'll stare at ya
Cuz we ain't got it too good in America
I can't f**k with them overseas
My homeboy died over keys
Of cocaine, it was plain and simple
The 9mm went (buck) to the temple
(Buck, buck, buck) was the sound I put the b*t*h down
And ran to the schoolyard bathroom
Looked in the trash can, yo it had room
So I ducked my a** in it for a minute
Covered with trash I had to lay back
Mad as f**k, thinkin' about the payback
Tonight the crew gonna have a little fun
I went home and cut the barrel of my shotgun
It's gettin' critical - I stole a 5.0
I let it go - drive real slow
I yelled out "Ice Cube, sucka"
The shotgun kicked, and it murdered motherf**kers
I told you last album
"When I got a sawed-off, bodies are hauled off"
Its a shame, that n***as die young
But to the light side it don't matter none
It'll be a drive by homicide
But to me its just another tale from the darkside
[Segue: Sampled guitar riff]

[Verse 3: Chuck D]
Standing in the middle of war, the minute we flex
When we die, we won't make Jet
Ebony can't see to the light side
The term they apply to us is a n***a
Call it what you want, cause I'm comin’ from the corner
Same applies to a Ph.D
Who's black - don't wanna roll - sells his soul
Watch his head go rollin’
Who the f**k are they foolin’?
Nobody knows, but I suppose the color of my clothes
Matches the color of the one on my face
As they wonder whats under my waist
(Standin' on the verge) of them gettin’ brown
That's a fact, got a fear of the bozack
Run, run, run, their a** off, they can not hide
Yeah Cube, they can't f**k with the darkside!