Da Youngsta’s
It’z Natural
[Verse 1: Riq Geez]
Ayo, it's natural, for me to flow as I do
Kick crazy flavor, never front on my crew
Yeah, straight to the heart, it gots to be real
Can't be fakin' no moves, yeah, true to the skill
Comin' correct, golden check with my rep
Gettin' props on the side, yo, it's quiet is kept
Then hide around, cool around and do my thang
Mess around, joke around, then I'll swing
Kickin' grooves with my troops, what I'll bring
Yeah, a thorough young buck and ain't a damn thing changed
Never roll with snitches, stay away from ditches
Head stays level, never burn no bridges
A shorty gettin' ill, ain't a brother can handle
'Cause like the five pillars Of Islam, I'm Natural

[Chorus: Riq Geez]
(You know...you know)
It'z Natural
(You know...you know, you know)

[Verse 2: Q-Ball]
Well as I rip, flip, I'm back with the natural flow
This is my intro, so watch how I go, BOW
From the grill, all real, no fakin'
Check the skill I give, comin' all up out my head
No imitations, I'm true
To the game I must say I'm not new
I don't talk to no hearts, I'm playin' like I'm real, real tough
But call my bluff, ya get snuffed
Puttin' flavor on wax to get on the map
No other rappers in mind when I accept to write a rhyme
From my insides, I'm going with the flow
I'm in this to get to the top, not for the dough
Gimme a medal, because I'm on a higher level
I won't flim flam, I just rock the whole land
A-ozu billahi mena shaitaan Arrajeem
Bismillah Arrahman Arraheem, because It'z Natural

[Chorus: Q-Ball]
(You know...you know)
It'z Natural
(You know...you know, you know)
[Verse 3: Taj Mahal]
The natural-est, the natural-est, the natural-est nig
I'm so big, I don't let things go to my wig
Keep my head on straight so chumps can't gas me up
'Cause I'm a young buck buck and always real to step up, up
And plus, no, I never try to copy
'Cause kids are flip floppy, plus they come up slip sloppy
I'm more natural than Ma**engill
Be for real, yo, I thrill, plus I'm hard to kill
So it's another fact, kick the mad phat facts of rap
So check where ya get ya project
Thanks to Allah that I'm realer than real
Then I chill, then I spill all my rhymes over your grill
So all ya wannabes, please, get on ya knees
And say, "Please, Lordy Lordy, start helping me make G's"
I'm in it to win it and that's actual
So get down, brothers, 'cause It'z Natural

[Chorus: Taj Mahal]
(You know...you know)
It'z Natural
(You know...you know, you know)
It'z Natural
(You know...you know)

[Outro: Riq Geez]
Yeah, Youngsta's comin' correct for '93, ya know what I'm sayin'?
Never fakin' no moves, doing things right
Peace out, 'cause It'z Natural