Da Youngsta’s
Bloodshed and War (Remix)
[Verse 1: Prodigy]
Don't get scared, just be prepared for the worst
The streets coerced my mind with crime
My 9 busts shots and outbursts
Through your back out your thinker
And show these crab n***as the power of the finger
Quran, you wouldn't believe the sh*t I fell upon
It was me and Havoc sippin' on Moet Chandon
I went outside to drain my main vein for some relief
Found a backpack full of G notes
And like a thief, I snatched it up
Back at the crib I stashed it up
Waited two days and started spendin' it fast as f**k
Straight up splurgin'
Open like a virgin with her first piece of d**k, 10 yards ain't sh*t
I blessed all the gods with thousands and cars
No more hustlin', now we can open up bars
To wash all this money clean
N***a, it's the American dream, but it ain't as easy as it seems
‘Cause now these mob n***as looking for they cream
And word got back through this fiend that it was me
Who stole they lucci
Now they putting out hits tryin' to shoot me
But I'm out in L.A. on the low livin' Gucci
And lavish, they tryin' to take they money back
It's two to they cabbage, Quran, what's the haps, kid?
(Man its whatever, I got the heat we can do this 'cause yo)
[Hook] x2
We all one when when it comes down to it
Bloodshed and war, yo, we gotta live through it

[Verse 2: Quran]
I break through with my WB crew Q Ball packs
The steel having n***as running like fire drills
We sending fronters on permanent vacations like Jason
You'll get cut in half and left with your heart racin'
By the TEC you'll get smashed together like a cleavage
And left a mystery like when Mary had Jesus
N***a, I'm sniping crowds
Like that white kid on Higher Learning
Leave you on the ground with your f**king chest burning
What! We breaking out and unstoppable like acne
I'm rough and rugged, you cut more slack than khakis
When the Philly takes you to another state of mind
It causes you to wild and commit mad crimes
We dwell in the dark trees, sellin' Jeeps, '95 Blazers
Call us a bunch of hell raisers
Timberlands and Skullys is all you see
When you enter the harsh and rugged lands of Illy Philly


[Verse 3: Havoc]
It was a quarter to one, friday night
Loaded up the guns, jump on the horn, called up my son
"Son, yo, come through, I got a proposition for you
Keep it on the low so the plan won't spoil"
My crew's loyal, they came over in a minute
Then we kicked 'bout this n***a who think he getting bigger
Pumping on our side
Don't even know him from a hole in the wall
Tonight is gonna be his downfall
So f**k him and everything he stand for
About this time he'd be on the corner
Slingin; with a crackhead that be bringin
Sales to the building, plus the b*t*h is fiendin'
I figure we can get the goods, kill the n***a
And being that we live right next to the river
We can catch him off guard
Throw him in the water for the Coast Guard
Come on, God, the sh*t ain't hard
Think! Throw on your gear and cover up your face
And keep your eyes open for the Jakes
The snakes and the snitches
Don't wanna see a n***a with the riches
Acting like a little bunch of b*t*hes
Pointing me out in pictures
When five-oh is like, "You know who this is?"
It's Havoc, you better recognize and realize

[Verse 4: Taj]
They call me the Godfather son
I smoke L's and pack guns, keep n***as on the run
Cocaine, I'm on the scale measuring grams and O's
Hoes came out with no clothes
So I can wake up in the dough
I keeps a 9 in my freezer
Cold blood flows within my veins, cold heart like Lebanese
Sippin' on Champ, its all about C notes and grants
Living elegant in a Lex coupe Allaire
Plus a young hustler carrying guns
Sellin' coke for funds, flippin' keys by the tons
Twenty five grand a week, fiends creep
No sleep nor do they eat, bed around 6 feet deep

[Verse 5: Tarik]
More goals to be achieved in this hip hop dream
But sh*t ain't the same as my eye see cream
I dwell by the minute, I gots to make more cash
C notes acc*mulating every day in my stash
Making hits, '95, the raw clique
M30 with my lady Motorola phone flips
The quick gamer, full blooded money maker
Sharp razor, drinking daqs in Jamaica