Ian Brown

"Alright (Ft. jJ)"

You can tell that I've been hurt real good
Took time dealing with the ride on my own
Spent time listening to lies they told
Went blind looking at the shine they showed and it's all okay
Cause I learn from the pain like a slap to the hand
Fool me twice and it's off with your head
I don't got time for the pain these days
Cause I'm back on a wave where the vibe may change and I still be the same 'till the day I...
D.I.Y. cause it's really 'bout UNO
Cards in the deck and they all got affects
If I play it all right I could probably get a JUNO
Talk to the vets shake hands with the rest
Pride on the rise and it's all in the head
Ima reach for the sky even when it's not there

I've had my fair share of dark times
Late nights and foresights
Long nights and wrong flights
But it's alright it's alright
It's alright it's alright
It's alright it's alright
It's alright it's alright

I've been lately
In this life am I blessed or cursed
Got me lost
(Got me lost)
But I'm never at a lost for words
People always say a lot falsified by verbs
But they never get attention at all
In search of greatness like what is the cost
Cause I've been p*ssed off; frequently p*ssed on
With the heart on my chest Comme de garcon...
Thinking like;
This ain't how my story's really gonna end
Ain't sh*t sweet; the enema to m&ms
R E P; screaming what you represent
Vaults of this pain that I change to dividends
All doubters can bank on that
n***as have a bank shot but can't bank on rap
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