Arc’teryx lyrics


Tola you make this music and now all these boys think they can rap too, and they can't!

Arc'teryx on me I... (yeah one more time)
I said, Arc'teryx on me (nahhh one more time)

Arc'teryx on me nah we don’t rock no Patagonia
Arc'teryx on me I could go hiking Snowdonia
Kwes e got the pack and yeah it’s stinking like ammonia
You know I don’t smoke but my boys smoking Calfiornian
Arc'teryx nah we don’t rock no Patagonia
She gave me her number but you know I’m never phoning her
I just sold some (n)umber (n)ine might go and cop Stoney stuff
She wanna link on Sunday tell that girl that day is Holy, yuh

I’m at church that day is holy
I need a PS5 I might go hit up Sony
I’ll keep her company she said she feeling lonely
She rock with skinny boys yeah all my guys are bony
All my boys are slim
We don’t hit the gym
Gore-tex on my North Face I can’t even feel the wind
And I'm rocking this Dior, on my Jones, just like Kim
She said she got a man but I don’t see him
Like where is he?
I don’t believe
Girl you’re single if he isn’t 6ft 3
I feel like CMillano talk is cheap
Imma call you Shaun cos you're a sheep
Yeah you're a lamb
I dodge the opps like a Ram
Talkin bout flows bro you're a dam
I’m up on Park Lane eating clams
I’m up in Mayfair eating lobster
She want me to take her to Costa
She want me to take her to Starbucks but it’s hard luck
Tesla push it to start up
I don’t need to rap I could just go make a start up
I could just go make a business rocking your grail it’s still on your wish list
Yea yea I just spent 5 bills on Grailed
I just made flip yeah I just made a sale
My Louis V came in the mail
God on my side like how can I fail
She from South I link that ting in Camberwell
I ain’t even 21 I’m making bangers off a Dell

[Hook x2]

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