Danny Swain
[Verse 1: Lil B]
I'm so misunderstood, when I'm in the hood
Mindset so far like I'm in the
He left the game too soon like Tiger Woods
If I make a couple million I'm
They think that I changed since I drive a Bentley
I'm still the same man and my brain not empty
I still see the hate cause the game is in me
They try to take my food cause they say I'm friendly
But they don't want a war with the beast that's in me
I leave 'em on the ground, now they life is history
Sometimes I feel like the world's against me
I keep my head up stay away from tempting
Keep cool, calm, collected
Jay-Z you my fam cause our paths intersected
And New York respected
Live one life so it's always a blessing
Misunderstood ain't close to me
I'm the definition, I'm the hope you see
I came from the bottom I was broke for free
Now I'm on top, you takin' notes from me!
But stay humble, cause we all could lose it
They say, life's a movie
We could lose it
Life's a movie, I'm misunderstood

[Verse 2: Danny!]
Now as I walk into the studio smoking some hash
With Lil B I get a call from Rick's dad
See Rick's girlfriend Tina, she just went back to rehab
But when I heard it I just looked at my pad
Now see on the secondhand, they've already been through a lot
When Rick and Tina got together she been off of that rock
For 'bout a year or change n***as telling Rick "you're insane"
But when you love someone enough you get immune to the pain
Now Tina lost her mom and dad when she was young and was orphaned
Went straight to 17 and had to get an abortion
She never trusted a soul, but she trusted Rick
Persistent little n***a went to college and sh*t
He saw the beauty in her, but it was never enough
Because the tauting and the tears that Rick would do was too much
She didn't wanna put him through that, so she went back to the crack
Man, she ain't have to do that
She could have talked to Rick and Rick would tell her
To turn a blind eye to it all like Helen Keller
Instead she let it get to her and now she relapsed
Two steps forward and three steps back
I could have rapped about my hard times in a song
But Heaven knows I would have been wrong
I wouldn't have been right, y'all wouldn't have cared anyway
It wouldn't have been life, it wouldn't have been good
So misunderstood
[Verse 3: Blu]
She didn't know me, she didn't want to
She didn't want to want to want you
She told a different story then I'm going to
She kept going and going now I'm gone too (Gone, gone, gone!)
I'm in the liquor store n***a don't f**k with me
Tryna' get some dope to cope a blunt and leave
I'm thinkin 'bout a better day
She told me 'bout it back when I was proud and told me she would see me out another way
But she never did the devil stayed
Bought a dress walked around my house like she never came, dang
Ghostface Killah up in this b*t*h
I got a knife and a bat and a hammer what's good
I could bust ya sh*t cut ya sh*t
Cripple a n***a, need a crutch and sh*t
Just to get up out the drama
I'm appauled by the God in this b*t*h
She think she's Cher no Sunny she don't even care
It ain't funny I'm a bear walk around bear-naked counting money
With a woman bear naked in the chair in front of me (What the f**k!?)
Didn't think so bro because the flow's so misunderstood