Danny Swain
Theme Music To A Killing Spree
[Verse 1: Danny!]
I'm a narcissist with moxie
A Marxist by proxy
My life is a motherf**kin' farce, just watch me
My wife is a motherf**kin' heartless Nazi
We get along though, she's a ping-pong pro
Money out the wazoo she got King Kong dough (so?)
That's the reason why I stick with her (oh)
Grab the keys and drive to Pittsbizzurgh (fa sho!)
Stack the cheese and buy a pit litter
A sick spitter yo, I saw the big picture though
Flew up to Chi-town and caught a Kid Sister show
Toes done up with her fingernails matchin'
But the ho's f**ked up, sound like Tinkerbell rappin'
Heard she was ready for some single male action
So I made myself drink a pail of Captain Morgan
One drum of rum'll have me rappin' foreign
Like "humdumalemalemezacdezachdejournen"
Me and Danny Brown rockin' matchin' hand-me-down
Letterman sweaters, damn we some panty hounds
Scoopin' chicks from the greasy spoon
Been a freak ever since I stuck my feet out Niecey's womb

[Verse 2: Danny Brown]
The kush got purple hair like a hoodrat
While you still beg to smoke, askin' where the goods at

Look at all of these rappers that's unemployed
Your boy is a coked-out version of Pastor Troy

[Danny Brown]
This the real McCoy, you rappers is decoys
At the end of all the games you a b*t*h like Metroid
Call 'em Samus

But don't forget the hammers

[Danny Brown]
We smut the prom queen and jumped the big man on campus

And us against them, damn bruh it can't be tamed
Call the goons, have your granny drowned in candy rain

[Danny Brown]
Danny Brown and Danny Swain, don't confuse the name
Got fire in our brain like Ichabod Crane
Like Ichabod Crane?

[Danny Brown]
I think they insane!

Shining like the sun

[Danny Brown]
But ain't no diamonds in my chain
N***a you dead wrong

N***a we headstrong

[Danny Brown]
Nice as Eminem rhyme "acorn" with "Foghorn Leghorn"

Dreams of sexing Ellen Cleghorne
Knocking up the broke b*t*hes they all having my kids

[Danny Brown]
I'll show you what it is and what it all could be
Couldn't write it in your afterlife
Damn bruh, is that your wife?