Danny Swain
The Nana Song
[Verse 1]
Tell me why my dimes look pregnant
That n***as know that my connect Mexican
Hoes with light complexion little to no melanin
Smoking on the purple the herbal is so elegant
Intelligent b*t*hes from college that study medicine
Drop it in they face like visine medicine
In your hood liquor store, cop a slice of pizza
Skinnys on playing with the rockets like Ariza
N***a don't confuse it, think it's just music
N***as think hip hop is book-bags and chew-sticks
Fiends out front beg for change for our rows
Ain't talking about flowers let 'em hold a couple dollars
It's like it's Catch Phrase, roll a sack of haze
F**k tomorrow dog, we ain't promised today
So tell me what's the reason these n***as eating
I feel like the whole damn industry teasing


[Verse 2]
I used to cop a nick bag and pull two out it
Man, these rap n***as jewelry looking too cloudy
Sitting in the Audi, L.A. at the do over
Throwing up the middle finger yelling "F**k Oprah"
You in the hood n***a, trying to get your buzz up
I'm at the Standard n***a, two b*t*hes with they tops up
And watch 'em treat each other like the buffet
While you doing calling orders at the Coney
Hoes say the d**k so huge
That you can package pre-orders up through the roof
So keep sleeping on me, I'mma wake up with your b*t*h
Rolling over, asking her "Know how to make grits?"
N***a I'm the sh*t, so homie don't p*ss me
Eat pu**y so good, none of my hoes kiss me
Lick your b*t*h or I'mma be eating
The next time you call that ho a be teasing like