Danny Swain
The Game On Lock
[Verse One]

The whole world on my d**k, I cannot wait
Keep the .45 on my side like a prom date
Me and two shooters, twin Glocks with the rubric
Don't look when he's shooting, just pop in and do it
Got the same gun that Pac did in juice
Seen n***as snitch, cops let him loose
What I gotta do I don't respect those rules
Fake n***as hate mirrors I can see right through
Come on my team you can push white too
Late nights I was out, late nights with the snake bites
Don't get back 'til you gettin' all the cake right
Seen a pimp n***a make a b*t*h really hate life
Wanna be a g, I'mma show you what this k like
Only see red like I'm pressing on the brake lights
Grew up in the 90s, way too grimy
Really love the hood but they hate when you shining
My gun gon' blind 'em
N***as did me bad that's the f**king last time I'mma show you 'bout mine
Had to slow down cause it's all about time
People stuttered on me but I still push a line
You talkin' bout a b*t*h but it's money on my mind
N***as in jail doin' time like Shyne
Tip off the court cause they still dropping dimes
You can f**k his b*t*h but you can't touch mine
N***as like me understand Spike Lee cause he got game
Made dope in the house so he got flame
Growing up that's how I got my name
Bagging up zips everywhere my hideout
Clips in the bag just in case I ride out
We coming with .9s and guns from Texas
We all in the hood like that 2 door Lexus
You can play the game just don't forget the exit
The cops gon' arrest you
What you gonna do when you laying on the stretcher?
You lost your soul, just a picture on the dresser
So many n***as die
I think n***as like killin n***as they faggots (b*t*h a** n***as)
I'm really from the hood what the f**k is ratchet?
I don't gotta make jokes I'm not a b*st*rd
I did a lot of dirt and I got a lot of baggage (damn)

Got this sh*t on lock, yeah
Got this sh*t on lock, yeah
I got this sh*t on lock, Lil B
Got the sh*t on lock

[Verse Two]

One n***a cop out, everybody watch out
I'mma bring the Tec like the high school drop out
You don't wanna block out, you can't block me
B*t*h n***as deaf cause all you do is watch me
I'm in the hood like Africans at swap meets
"He ain't hard" but them n***as couldn't knock me
Got hit hard but them n***as couldn't drop me
Next week drop a half a million cause I'm sloppy
I keep the gun like the kids with Tamagotchis
King like Rodney, serve two fiends with the Johnny
Serve a little cream at the party
Stay in the street like them boys riding Harleys
Shouts out to my n***a on the motorbikes
I love you for life
Shout out to Mike, head first when I dump at night
Any piece I write I'm based for life

Got this sh*t on lock, yeah
Got this sh*t on lock, yes, yes
Got this sh*t on lock, yeah
Got this sh*t on lock, yes