Danny Swain
Illusions Of G
N***a, the game so real

[Verse 1]
Welcome to the game and you gotta respect it
B*t*h, its a new day and I never forget it
N***a wanna hate me, I'm sending bullets to dresses
AK Forty sent ya a f**king blessing
I send you f**king green, like a salad dressing
Got two faces, I stay two places
Copped one of the lot, I copped three off Jason
I stay pushing white so Ill never be racist
Back against the wall when I'm catching my cases
You look so stupid under pressure
Drag the pistol in my... told you to count your blessings
Yeah, what you gonna do when them n***as wanna get you
Boy, I swear to god, leave you on that stretcher
You gonna eat bullets, left hand pull it
I go so stupid, you n***as is foolish
Lil Boss!

[Verse 2]
Bruh did ten, now he taking the long route
Dude came home along with them gats out
Tuck your four-fives and I'm coming with straps out
Know I want strips so I'm taking the dad house
Yeah, I'mma lay him flat like the rug on the floor
Its your death day, b*t*h and your needing that four
Who you gonna look to when I'm throwing the hook to
Five-Oh right at you, I won't discuss you
Street code? No, I ain't got no problems with nothing
B*t*h, I live by the law, I'm the book, no fronting
Real street n***as know its the green, no fronting
Put your face on t-shirts, put your name on something
Pray to god everyday he don't push that b***on
Damn, I keep it gangster
B*t*h, I stay in BasedWorld, I don't f**k with w***sters

Lil Boss!
Illusions Of Grandeur part 2