Non Prophets
Yeah... just chilling in the closet... yeah still in here y'all

N-O-N-P-R-O-P-H-E-T-S is
Stupid deaf
N-O-N-P-R-O-P-H-E-T-S is
Funky fresh

Sage Francis...
Joe Beats...
The Non Prophets LP!!!.....

This blood that runs through me for now flows for you
For whatever year sounds best.. bringing it
From the littlest state killing the mix tapes
Keeping it nimble like fingers flipping through singles in milk crates
Filthy like fingertips guilty of pilfering increments
The beats to match a rappers pleading innocence
Thinking this is going to be the best damn karaoke jam ever
Ever since 3rd Ba** a devoted fan of Sam Sever
Never really was a metal-head I'd settle the score
With a remix instrumental of 'Never no More'
Reppin' the cause of ill MCs
Who like confusing metaphors with similes

*so what you want sage?*
To drop science in my rhymes
*what you want sage?*
To kick knowledge all the time
*what you want sage?*
To dis your posse... and my name up in lights, S-A-G-E
[Joe Beats]
I hang producers with my loops
Watch me get loot

[Sage Francis]
I got more styles than a pedophiles got proofs
In a van full of candy after one of their photo shoots
Deflowering more virgins than Thurston's got polo suits
Rocking golden boots on the road to the riches
Got a poem that's cute called 'an ode to my b*t*hes'

Yo hold up, that ain't righteous!

Well a god didn't write this
Although I'm told a rhyme is mold is that of his likeness
(like thiiis)
Don't you see how f**king beautiful life is?
How dare you waste it stuck in a cubicle with tight lips
Stand up!
Push out your chair, jump on your desk
And if you've got a crush on your coworker...
Touch her breasts!
And if you hate your boss cause hes a sucker...
Punch his chest!
Pull his wig back with pimp slaps... crush his kicks
Kick a hole in his computer pull the plug and then jet
You're the goddamn man, motherf**ker that's fresh
Fresh, fresh, fresh
Fresh, fresh, fresh
Yo that's fresh!

Now the to-do list grew thin but I still haven't proven
Myself to myself I done an album with Rick Rubin
We have to keep slick rulin'!
Don't romanticize your disease saying she keeps your d**k drooling
Check yourself for a genital wart scare
Generals all prepare for chemical warfare
My neighbors have identical lawn chairs
One of them's violating (penetrating a fraud)

Ain't no escape a automobile train or plane
Swimming great lakes scaling mountain ranges or skating terrain
Making cake doesn't make what you sayin' bang
You can't make me relate, change your aims
Cause the buck buck buck ... will call you shot callers
Suck suck suck... are you the dotcom-ers?
I'm a writer, a poet, a genius, I know it
I don't buy cheeba, or moet
Ahhhhhh.... yeah
Non prophets in your area y'all
Sage Francis and Joe Beats letting you know...
If I ever ever catch you drinking alcohol or smoking drugs of any kind
I will punch you dead in your melon motherf**ker do not be smoking cigarettes in my breathing space