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Tech N9ne

"Intro to the Strange Music Library"

[Tech N9ne]
Yo, what's up?
Tech N9ne here
And you have just entered the Strange Music Library, baby
This is the place where you come to find out what's crackin'
With Strange Music and find out more about the artists, right
You know what I'm sayin', on our roster
That we got comin' in the near future

So you know
We kickin' it like donkeys and swingin' it like monkeys, all the way
And I'ma give a couple of tools you need to listen to this sh*t
You know what I'm sizzlin', preferably...
Riesling, Riesling wine, you know what I'm sizzlin'
Yeah I love Riesling, it can be Twisted River, it can be Colombia Valley, it can be Piece Porter, Spätlese though, because the
It was cool, I talked about it but it ain't as sweet as the Spätlese
Kiona's bomb from time to time, you know what I'm sayin'
You gotta have a couple of mates, if you would
You know what I'm sizzlin', so we about to get into this first stuff
You know what I mean, you already heard the album, the Tech N9ne album, it's wonderful, Everready
This is me, I'ma give you three more, you know what I'm sizzlin'
And this first one is called... What is it called Travis?
Is it called...

"That Owl", yeah, it's wonderful, "That Owl", baby it was produced by Seven, it's beautiful, check it out!

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