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Tech N9ne

"Monstrosity (Unfinished Track)"

[Intro 1: Tech N9ne, spoken]
So, some months ago, um... they told me that they wanted me to do a track for Diggy Simmons so his label sent me a beat over, didn't have anything on it, they didn't have any ideas, so I heard the beat and I called it "Monstrosity." And I did it, and I sent it back, and he said I bodied it, he loved it, but I guess they didn't choose it for the album, you know what I mean, didn't make the album out of 12, so since it didn't make the album out of 12, I'mma let you hear what I did! How about that?

[Intro 2: Tech N9ne]
Something deviating greatly from the normal


[Verse: Tech N9ne]
Plus 5, I bust flies so the wack must die
Trust I to crush live and attack tough guys, when I
Monstrosity, everything about me [?]
We on mama, and never had to sell souls
And they crown me leader of this underground railroad
[?] Kansas City through New York down to Melrose
Overseas, [?] rockin' shell toes
Takin' pictures [?]
[?] givin' demons, elbows
We be less, behind the B.S
These rhymes have beget T9 and D.S
Monstrosity, no stoppin' me
How I earn all my pay?
Alright, alright, alright
You gon' learn today!
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