Gloria Gaynor

"Back on Top"

I can't hear you

[Verse 1]
I had a front row seat on a roller coaster ride, you got that right
I kept on hoping things would change but I finally realized the devil's a liar, huh
With every twist and turn, every bridge that he burned
He brought me down, down, down
But heaven picked me up on the drop

Now I'm back on top
Like I never fell off
I took some knock down punches, but I'm still standing strong
Back in the groove, got a whole new view
Just when it looked like it was certain, the hurtin' would never stop
I'm back on top
Yeah, I'm back on top

[Verse 2]
He had me right where he wanted
Kept me in the dark, shutting down my heart
Thought I would never see the light of day from under that rock, then I heard that knock
It was Jesus, sweet Jesus
Yeah, he took my hand, picked me up, put that devil right on the spot
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