Gloria Gaynor

"He Won’t Let Go"

[Verse 1: Gloria Gaynor]
You may be down and feeling low
Tossed by the wind, wherever it may blow
You're just confused and filled with doubt
Lost in the dark, and you can't see no way out
There is a mountain for you to run to
Where there's a rock that will shelter you
There is a man that you should know
Stretch out His hand to pull you close

And if you'll hold on, He won't let go
He won't let go
If you'll just hold on, He won't let go
He won't let go

[Verse 2: Bart Millard & Gloria Gaynor]
There is a voice, you should listen to
There is a choice for what you ought to do
The only step that you need to take
Is to the side and let him lead the way
He knows your heart (He knows your heart), and He feels your pain
He knows your scars (He knows your scars), every one by name
He knows your flaws (He knows your flaws) and he knows your fears
He'll bring you joy (Joy), to replace your tears
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