Gloria Gaynor

"Joy Comes in the Morning"

[Verse 1]
Forecast says rain
And the pain to go with it
That we can't change
And we all get caught up in it
Mind filled with stress
And your heart won't stop racing
Can't find no rest
And you're back and forth pacing

Don't you know it's darkest
Before the dawn
So just have faith in the sun

Joy comes in the morning
If you'll just be still
Joy comes in the morning
No matter how bad it feels
Right after the storm hits
And I promise it will
Joy comes in the morning

[Verse 2]
Let in a little light
And it'll help you see
Surely the truth
Gonna set you free
Put it all on the table
You'll see things differently
God is able
Lay your troubles at his feet
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