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Inspectah Deck Lyrics

Rockness A.P. (After Price) (2017)

Silicon Valley (Music from the HBO Original Series) (2017)

The Answer (2013)

Wu-Massacre (2010)

Castleton Ave. (2009)

The Project Pope (2009)

Drum Machine (2008)

The Resident Patient 2 (2008)

Legend of the Wu-Tang Clan (2004)

Love, Hell or Right (Da Come Up) (2003)

The Lex Diamond Story (2003)

Next Friday (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (1999)

The Andidote (1998)

Power Cypha: 50 MCs Volume One (1996)

Cash & Grams

Cynthia's Son

Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers (Spanish Version)

The Last Shall Be First

Other Songs

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