Otsego Amigo
Evil Inside
Leave Death Behind
Into the night
Otsego life

Holy sh*t, start to run
Look out f**kers. here he comes
Now he's back from the dead
Here to start the sh*t again
Don't try and get into his way
'Cause you won't like the price you pay
Part it out, run away
You'll be dead either way

When he comes, give your drink
You'll get use to his rotting stink
He'll show you a time as well
In the end you'll go to hell
You see the filth, you see a wretch
You'll want it all, but theres a catch
All your life, all your dreams
He can hear all your screams

Evil Inside
Leave Death Behind
Into the night
Otsego life

Otsego amigo

Pinchis culeros cabrones, hijos de puta
Huyan a sus madres
Que vengo a chingarme sus mujeres
Fumar su mota
Tomarme toda la cerveza
Y romperles la pinchi cara!
Me vale madre pendejos!
Me dan lo que quiero y no hay bronca
Me nuegan? va a haber desmadre!
Creen que pueden conmigo, pinchis idiotas?
No pueden matarme, ya estoy muerto!
Si siguen conmigo, van a rogar por la pinchi muerte!
Y va a haber ba... pinchi madre! aaah!
Hurt the ones you loved the most
He'll make you turn white as a ghost
Frightening beyond belief and
Now your life is filled with grief
With his bony hands of death
He'll choke you till your final breath
Now youe see, now you know
Your evil friend of Ostego

Otsego Amigo