Space Dust
[Voice Samples]
Three, two, one, blast off!
Here at mission control the flight operations director commented that he felt like—
One of the saddest features of our modern world
Is being a product of a rather materialistic civilization
Emergency, emergency, a major catastrophe has occurred
Was this the future you had in mind for us?
They must be smoking space dust
They must be smoking space dust
Emergency, emergency, emergency, emergency
One guy came in with a bag of space dust
We were all shocked and amazed but everybody wanted to try it
So we all smoked, didn’t really get too high on it but we got a little giggly
And then from there we just kept smokin’, smokin’, smokin’, smokin’
We just kept-kept—
It’s secure
It is believed by many to be the substance responsible for—
Emergency, emergency, emergency, emergency
Yes, they are drugs
A drug I myself invented
The drug renders the men into beast-like creatures
Those men now are useful only to respond to orders
Can we make it back to earth?
They must be smoking space dust
They must be smoking space dust
We’re so dominated by outside forces that there’s no room for the inner life
Because they’re inner self or soul has been closed up and shut in by the pressures of worldly forces
You can’t run anymore
If you are to have any future you must learn to live together
That’s the way life on earth works — everybody needs everybody else
Are you with us?
Bring peace and tranquility to earth
All the people on this earth are truly one
Great change is coming over the whole human race