Luis the Super (Ft. Luis Lopez)
[Luis Lopez & voice samples]
God is everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, everywhere
You have to be able to read the signs in life, there’s a lot of signs but people don’t recognize the signs
Everything’s connected so when you learn how to see these things then you can connect them and become more creative because you’re not disillusioned about what you’re looking at in the world
Because you-you-you push things aside and say it’s insignificant, which it’s not
Things are not just happening by themself, [?] destiny, right
So, people who sit around and wait for something to happen, they say nothing happened, you know
You have to make something happen
Opportunity’s not created, you have to put the pieces together and make that move forward
Forward momentum is a progressive momentum and you have to keep that forward momentum going in a progressive way
Push yourself where the brain gets the lazy brain syndrome
So the spirit goes faster than the body
So the spirit goes ahead and visualizes sees and touches everything
The spirit knows everything and sees everything
But the body gets lazy brain syndrome and doesn’t keep up with the spirit
It says nah I don’t want to do that I don’t want to see that
But the spirit already knows the direction but the body doesn’t want to follow
Once you catch up in the body with the spirit, then you’re on the journey of life