Donner Bell
[Intro - voice samples]
Are you ready?

[Verse 1 - Deca]
The table’s set we’re here live watchin’ stars fall like confetti
They slip into a worm hole and spiral down the eddy
Descend into the pleasures of the flesh-covered red meat
But let’s eat
It’s either light fare or it’s heavy
My only pet peeve is splittin’ hairs like the Red Sea
If there’s a cure for the lethargy
It won’t be in your self-help books or in alchemist secret recipes
Yes indeed, get your frequency adjusted
In stark contrast of the tripe they feed the public
Speakin’ of which, they’re sayin’ things are on the uptick
With cherry-picked data and graphs to back it up with
I don’t buy it Steven
I see a seven-headed fire-breathin’ dragon flyin’ over head while we’re speakin’
Sirens blarin’, war cries, tires screechin’
Divided, conquered, prosecuted for high treason
Unpackin’ rations for the young, snatchin’ crumbs
Pump action semiautomatic tongue lashings
Food for thought forms, fragments of the sun
Fractions of the whole, fashioned from the Tree of Life compa**ion
Frees the light from the deepest night
Throw this custom made pair of They Live shades on and see the sights
Where wolves masquerade as lambs for a decent bite
And pigs’ll crack your skull like whack-a-mole then read your rights
In a holdin’ cell on Earth’s outer crust
The aim’s to explore the inner worlds that mear the outer husk
The hidden principalities and powers that corrupt
Picked the flesh off of eagles’ bones and ground them into dust
Who to trust?
Discussin’ chords that the music struck
On acoustic strings made of human guts that nine muses pluck
Remove the cuffs, loosen up
Adjust the antenna and receive a transmission for the future us

[Outro - voice samples]
Sounds great
The lines are drawn
Night comes, and so does the time for waiting
We’re broadcasting live
You can hear state policemen moving around behind me
A few of the demonstrators are moving forward shouting to the police officers
Trying to explain to them what their case is
I certainly don’t believe they’re going to have much success
See police unload
Helmets on; billy clubs in their hands
Shoot to kill, Maleska
He’s got his hands up Chief, take it easy
Alright you!
No need to shoot me officer, I was--
Don’t you be tellin’ me what not to do, man
Just walk forward and keep them hands high
I brush my teeth twice daily and smile