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"Beauty’s Her Name"

[Intro - voice samples]
Beauty is her name
Beauty  is her name
Beauty  is her name
Beauty is her name

[Verse 1 - Pute]
A singled cell wanna mingle
Well  ain’t this some sh*t?
Symbiotic  high def [?] got us relatin’ evolvin’ [?] and makin’ decisions on what to click
So far remove for the mush that created you and us rather legislative guts spill
We're  at a cusp everybody bust a nut still
Lovin’ the con
Three-card molly, wage your bet and I’m gone
A forty-fifth turn to [?] watch your ideals burn
A  high noon ride and never get out alive
Learn to play the wall with a grapplin’
Hooked to the action
Sprawled in the madness with a book and some matches
I’m steady loungin’ waitin’ for the eddy’s round spin to take me
We down the drain like them white flakes when the blue pigs break in
Escapin’‚ escapism‚ a schism
The beauty of a mind prison

[Chorus - voice samples and (Pute)]
Beauty is her name
(A prism)
Beauty is her name
Beauty is her name
Beauty is her name

[Verse 2 - Deca and voice samples]
Beauty’s her name‚ the life sequence
We strive to do her justice and do things for the right reasons
I like breathin’
Even when I’m mad at odds with the world around and can’t place the exact cost
Baptized in primordial waters
All praise to the author
Nursin’ my shot nerves, my skin grows thick
I sidestep the bullsh*t, and focus on the light not the bones that crows pick
Hi Helen (Hi!)
I’m with five felons‚ the sky’s meltin’
One look at you’s got the water in my eyes wellin’
I’m here to find the escape routes and open doors
And breach the empire’s walls like the trojan horse
From single cells to Stringer Bells and kings that fell
From heaven’s heights to the pitfalls where demons dwell
Your name rings bells, the queen of light forms
Incubating in the womb ‘till this dream of life’s born

[Outro - voice samples]
Hey Martha
Come here Martha, look at this thing
*clap clap clap clap clap*
Well I’d reckon it was a rocket
I’d reckon the same‚ Jonathan
Hmmm … somebody’s idea of a practical joke I guess, or a publicity stunt
Let me get this *ring* [?] thing open

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