All Because of You (Infatuated Duke)
[Intro — Homeboy Sandman and voice samples]
Listen to the sound
All because of you

[Verse 1 — Homeboy Sandman]
All because of you
Let me tell you where i’m goin' now homie
Above and beyond
Don't tell me calm down homie
I’m already calm
You be fine with being weak but I would rather be strong
You be fine with being right when I would rather be wrong
There is nothing else required except for buying a farm
I would rather put the fire out than sound the alarm
What I’m sayin’ is I’d rather stay than retreat
Some alive every day not just two days of the week
I spent a lot of years as a known j*rk
Turns out I wasn’t growing I was just doin’ my homework
I was seekin’ union but was frightened to go first
I was gettin’ wounded but pretendin’ it don’t hurt
But I don’t wanna be a secret agent
I’ve learned it’s less important gettin’ paid to be impatient
Before I got to know I had to go to different places
Before I got to stroll I had to go at different paces

[Chorus — Homeboy Sandman and voice samples]
Listen to the sound
All because of you

[Verse 2 — Homeboy Sandman]
I’m through with being tentative
I’m Boy Sand, ultra compet**ive, representative
My only comp is myself
My only comp is goin’ bonkers try’n to ruin my health
Pay back is an itch
But I’m not gonna scratch it
I wonder if ya catchin’ my drift
God bless the soldier that just newly enlist
And rest in power everybody that will truly be missed
But in the face of being disgraced and keepin’ honorable
And I’m not welcome lots of places that I try to go
And I just want you all to know that you are not alone
You’re only ten or twenty paces from the pot of gold
Sing at a copper when I gotta go
The sun is prodigal
I’m through the outro from the intro
Just the info that you gotta know

[Chorus — Homeboy Sandman and voice samples]
Listen to the sound
All because of you
[Verse 3 — Homeboy Sandman]
I seek to master my environment
I’m goin' bald with no regard for my retirement
I’ll fight and lose if I don’t fight and win
But either way I won’t be playin’ a tiny violin
The world’s too cold to be perspirin’
The type of cold that dry your skin
I might be shakin’ but I take it on the chin
It’s just a type of anguish tryin’ to teach sign language to a chimp
But homie in the meantime ya know we gets down
My team apply the Vaseline before the next round
Most tryin’ to get to Venus via leaps and bounds
Peepin’ the scenery and takin’ in the sights and sounds
And smiles and frowns
I’m an alumnus of the lost and found
Seize my mental window as the frost in now
So I can have my cake and eat the frostin’ — wow

[Outro — Homeboy Sandman and voice samples]
Listen to the sound
All because of you
Everything always works out