Hive of Industry
[Voice samples]
Now here's some samples of mechanical industrial tracks
The mine forged manacles I hear
Horrible exhaustion from its immense labors
Forged Iron a furnace sealed
Its rebellious joints cracking under the pitiless stars
The human heart it’s hungry gorge
Its blue steel rigidities cutting through the mysteries of the flesh
The human dress is forged iron
Listen to the grandiose alibi of their pitiful floundering
Laughing, clapping

I saw a serpent vomiting his poison out
Here is the story of industrialization -- ation
The violence of inst**utions
The injustice and the brutality of law and order
Offering them hope and giving them nothing
Take back the power
Tearing at the prison bars
Twisting them, bending them, breaking them
Laughing, clapping

I walk along through the streets of the city
There's crowds of people there but i'm on my own own own own

Modern, um, industrialization is sort of like a virus
For a long time it -- it -- it served a purpose, but not no longer
People who have, uh, power, you know, they are intoxicated
Intoxicated with that power power power
They’re ok with takin' everybody down
Industrialization -- zation -- zation -- zation

Where do we go from here
Directly ahead
It is not true that the work of man is finished
That man has nothing more in the world to do but be a parasite
The work of man is only just begining
And it remains to man to conquer all the violence entrenched in the recesses of his pa**ion
No race possesses the monopoly of beauty, of intelligence, of force
And there is a place for all all all all all