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Jedi Mind Tricks

"Al Bid-Aya"

[Intro: Excerpt of Jiddu Krishnamurti reading and answering Question #6 from Question & Answer Meeting #2]
"Does God exist, or not? Yes, or no? If yes, how best to realise him in this life?

Man throughout history from the ancient Greeks, from the ancient Sumerians, had this idea of God, right? I am not at all sure whether in the Upanishads and... whether they mention God at all. Or is it a later invention? What is God? I am not attacking God... I am not... denying god... but we are investigating whether there is such a thing as God."

[Verse: Yes Alexander]
Only what you fear
Like this war unreal
See behind the veil
You want the hearts to fail

Give them my all your seed
But your spine they'll keep
Destroying your body
f**k them, come break free
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