Delinquent Habits
The Kind
Somebody said that there was bud here
I'm kinda broke so I hope they're spreadin love here
You know that if I had some herbals you know that I would share
Ring the bells of Beijing and take you there, oh yeah!
Started with a rickshaw pulled by 6 women
Leather harness tightened embridled by all sin
Roll through terreno get treated like you was kin
Cause we all in the house again and want win
So take midnite spin come in I hope your feel fine
Just so you know I ain't takin yours to get mine
With seas and mountains the internet and real time
There's more than enough room for us all long as the sun shine
Chorus 2X
We got the stuff you want and want real bad
The kind that if you mamma turned it off and make you real mad
The kind that turns all frowns to smiles
The kind that turns full seats to full aisles
Now you've been touched like Tony Toca, se vuelve loca
They jaws drop when they hear my Latin lingo boca
I represent the future things to come
A song not yet sung the pain not yet brung
Se admiran y me tiran cañonazos de lejos
Con mi estilo y espejos se parecen al chueco

Hueco en la maseta no pueden por eso cuelgan jeta
Dejo que se escapen no stopin a f**kin languera
The come in many caras en baras pasiwate
Olvidate de mi estilo amigo no te conviene
Quien viene, El Blaxicano que a dicho desde el principio
Que somos Delinquentes con yerba y dos pistos
Ya tranquilo chico, el mister listo dijo
Que este pleito homie no tiene chiste mijo
Cotorreando celebrando de nuevo kemando techo
Tokes para el pecho a los quates que fuman eso
All I wanted to do for ya
Was give ya'll voice so the whole world saw ya
So I took stage in California
From the Sick Syde that's right we put it on ya
Si no abuandan se espantan y corren como el coyote
Pero los veo yo en la noche con ojos tecolote
Yeah to the left side we will past the doche
Ridin most high to light up the noche