Yellow Claw

"For The Thrill (LNY TNZ Remix)"

[Verse 1: Becky G]
What you need? What you, what you need?
We ain't got no expectations
We ain't got no limitations
What you mean? What you, what you mean?
Body show me motivation
Baby why you hesitating?

[Pre-Chorus: Becky G]
I know you wanna get it
Stop pretenting that you wanna take time, take time
Only got a minute
If you're with it, we can do it all night, all night

[Chorus: Becky G]
Bonnie and Clyde on the high chase
Switching the lanes while we bang bae
Right til we die, baby, no pace
Oh yeah yeah yay
Breaking me down like an earthquake
Making it rain like a hurricane
Do what we like, baby, no shame
Oh yeah yeah yay

[Break: Becky G]
I do it for the thrill
I do it for
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