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Jus Allah

"Bloodborn Enemy"

"You are really of the Devil
Wait, I'm sure we can come to an arrangement
I'll give you anything you want."

(Cause I gotta kill or be killed, counter attack)

[Verse 1: Vinnie Paz]
I am the reverse of Christ. I am horrible. I'm the worst advice
I squeeze coal in my hand and then it converts to ice
My whole world is cold blood. It's a serpent's life
I was fighting in Damascus with a Persian knife
I burn a motherf*cker head. I'm in Hell's Kitchen
f*ck a cop, f*ck a b*tch, f*cking Mel Gibson
The new wakata on the street smell different
I was rocking Jordan 7s while you sell Pippens
Everyone I trust in a box
So talking to y'all is just like talking to cops
Call me boxcutter Pazzi cause I walk with the ox
And though he ain't here physically I walk with my pops
Yeah but physically I walk with the Glock
And if an officer is shooting then an officer's shot
I'm a fat guinea motherf*cker, walk with a bop
And it ain't never been a question if he soft or he not

Cause I gotta kill or be killed counter-attack [x3]
Kill or be killed counter-attack

[Verse 2: Jus Allah]
All I think about is crime, I forgot to buy a valentine
I'm out my motherf*cking mind in a crowded line
Full-time murderer, no time to buy furniture
Rather re-clip burners than clip through the circular
Rather be a burglar than flip burgers
Any stitch of work will make me wanna commit murder
I am all thugs and drug fiends, screams and blood streams
Guns that can sink submarines, clubs and love scenes
Thugs in hot tubs, queens and umpteens, Vodka, Rock of Love
Angels and adversaries, Raspberry Absolut
Hash and grass, V8 splash, passion fruit
Life is a battle, I'm out of sight with dim lighters around
Knife and a frown, just another night on the town
Endless horrors of manslaughter days in a row
Leave you all dressed up, no place to go


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