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Jus Allah


[Verse 1: Poetic Death]
Full moon apocalypse and that's the scenery
Word around the village is somebody's now a memory
I'm guilty as charged, but I've been hiding from the sunlight
Identity not conclusive; dwelling in the nightlife
She had a little problem so I solved it, believe me
Had thoughts of suicide and so I'd make them a reality
These casualties are actually a fantasy
Corrupted mind states are entertaining to your majesty; blasphemy
She read about the death within the paper
And figured she will lock her front and back doors, and that would make her life safer
But little darling, this ain't a horror movie
And the villain doesn't get caught; the world will keep spinning
That's a fact, number seven, because you woke up on the concrete
Police investigations file it an unsolved mystery
According to the photos, I left the scene a bloody misery
Forgot the gasoline tank to blow away the scenery
She's moving. I could have sworn I felt another presence
The night is still young and I've been covering my footprints
What a perfect image but I have to regress
And leave your body to the nightlife for the wolves to digest

[Verse 2 Jus Allah:]
I was searching for the person missing. I was trying to divert the suspicion
I overheard, got word of the perfect position
The murder hadn't occurred; I reversed the decision
She's a little beat up, but in working condition
Slight damage: she was in an apparent collision
I took advantage: didn't ask for her parents' permission
They're a terror at that age: they refuse to listen
She'll be safe under my care and supervision
Talked to all my two friends and abuse victims
I've done it plenty of times: it's a proven system
I'm insane; I was raised in a crazy family
Where we kill our own kind like Casey Anthony
Family comes first; murder at a close second
I don't know how I manage to keep them both separate
I keep it all to the stubs from what's mine
I want to keep all of the blood in the bloodline

[Hook x2: Poetic Death]
Yo, this world is an illusion, and I'm its execution
We take flight; stalking our victims under the moonlight
So dare you take a gamble, and sacrifice your life?
Just another rotten body to the grave site

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