Ray Stevens

"The Hustler"

[Verse 1]
It was a cool night in Dallas at the Southside 9 Ball Palace
When I stepped in off the sidewalk with my pool cue in my hand
I said "I've come for Texas Slim, we're gonna shoot 9 ball, me and him"
And tonight we'll find out who is the better man
Now I've heard he used to be the best and I've already beaten all the rest
From New York to Chicago and L.A
They say that he's the king of hustlers
An old time Texas pool hall rustler and ain't he the man that they used to say

Never make it too easy when you break 'em
Get all the money out on the table then take time to chalk and aim
Don't take pity on the suckers son... Just take 'em
'Cause if you can't afford to lose
Then you should never play the game

[Verse 2]
Then out of the shadows dim stepped what once was Texas Slim
He was ripped, worn and ragged, kinda run down at the feel
He said, "It's been a long time son, since I shot pool with anyone
But I'll play you one game if that's the way you feel"
He was a pitiful looking man with a three day beard and a tremblin' hand
Had to take him a shot of whiskey to ease the shakes
I said, "I've come to take you for all you've got
And it don't matter if it ain't a lot
And just to show you I'm a sportin' man, you can have the break"
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