"You and I"

[Verse 1]
Seeing the sun go down again
Staying in my bed for too long now
Heard you were out last night
My friends say you're looking well, you seem happy
But you’re a liar if you say that you're fine
Bet you wonder if I think of you now
Done my best to stay away, but I think I'm going crazy

You and I
You don’t wanna talk about it
You don't wanna talk about
You and I
We don't ever talk about it
But in my head
Oh, you say, say you still want it
That you're done with being lonely now
It's you and I
You and I

[Verse 2]
Standing beneath the flickered lights
When I shut my eyes you seem closer
Dancing to keep the tears away
Get this heavy weight off my shoulder
And every stranger, I pretend they are you
They'll never hold me, never touch me like you do
Done my best to stay away
But I think I'm going crazy
I'm going crazy
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