The Last Emperor
Monolith (Vocal)
The Last Emperor - “Monolith”
[Emcee(s): The Last Emperor]
[Producer(s): Prince Paul]

[Verse 1: The Last Emperor]
I’ll stare into
The face of death and the fear that's so obvious
Wordplay is the way that I conquer it
Chivalry’s not dead if the living honor it
I’ll send a message to men on all continents
And this is my imperial decree
To whosoever steals material from me
The emcee who comes with new abilities
In the same manner, King David slew the Philistines
‘Cause, when it comes to emcees, they leave you
No choice but to destroy the embodiment of evil
Deadly force against the source of upheaval
That seems to oppress and bring death to my people
The way to defy this death
Is to keep kicking rhymes until there's no rhymes left
The Emperor takes the form of the giant dread
With the body of a man and a lion's head
In this dense urban jungle of great disorder
CD players, turntables, and tape recorders
Become the tools that I use to erase the borders
Between me and the secret and ancient order
That I swore to protect and uphold
If you're looking for the bloodiest battle, you've struck gold
From young to old, ripe and then rotten
I came to drop bombs like Osama Bin Laden
Using poisonous chemicals to shower fools
Ravenous animals devour fools
I’ll build a giant robot to overpower crews
Using pens and pencils like power tools
A fifty-foot metal man named Lyricore
Will stand up to the bully and hit him in the jaw
‘Cause, when I step in the door, it takes a minute for
The Emperor, senator, matador, Minotaur
Kicking bitterness to show it ain't sweet
Whether it's a dark cave or the middle of the street
‘Cause the only thing happening the next time we meet
Is the thrill of my victory and agony of your defeat