The Last Emperor
He’s Alive (He Lives)
[Intro: RZA]
Turn my fucking headphones up!
Ayo nurse, bring the patient in, strap him down

[Verse: RZA]
Inject the serum to the tip of his cerebellum
70 cc's of denji should brain-accel him
Nurse, increase the IV (but doc, that may kill him!)
Don't worry, we got technology, we can rebuild him
Strength of the ox, slickness of the fox
Electrical brain waves being charged by the dreadlocks
Audiodynamic vocal box inside the black oval
Won't be a beat that my son couldn't flow to
Call Prince Paul to inject de la Soulful
(Doc, his heart is beating too fast!) Nurse, I told you!
Decrease the brain battery, more gamma to the chest cavity
Put the DNA code of every pharaoh in his anatomy
Heart of the conquerers, fighting force like Joe Blanca
Interscope will never be the same, we just created a monster

[Last Emperor]
A mysterious man with a mysterious past
Who came back from the dead to kick some serious ass
I clearance a path, blast Glocks, raps whatever
RZA put my DNA blocks back together
And constructed, something impenetrable by heaters
Made from the world's great Ancient leaders
Rzarector, I wanna thank you for giving me
A second chance at life, you've uprisen me
To separate the wise art from the wizardry
And take revenge on those who imprison me
In the East, the location was well-hidden
My corpse was torn, rotted, bullet-ridden
There's still an after taste from the poison I was given
(Last Emperor) Yes master, what is thy bidding?
Go barbarian like thunder
I'll wrap these n***as up like mummra
Off of guitar samples of Prince Paul mixed with Sun-Ra
Scatter to the four corners make these bitch rappers mourners
Let em know son, they time of God is upon us
And if they try to form a challenge throw em off balance

[Last Emperor]
I snatch the mic with my talons
Prepare to meet this challenge
Break the sacred seal and release these ancient talents
I ride the track and leave MC's fully damaged
Like Hannibal on the back of a black wooly mammoth
I was banished, they panicked at the words that I said
I split backs wit the war axe of Eric the Red
Until I get tax exemption, redemption from cruel people
The Last Emperor but I'm not Hiro Hitu
More like Manson Musa, you don't get the chance to use a
Primitive weapon on this microphone stand abuser
Should you choose ta whip out the banger
This archaic warrior responds with anger
I stop fighter planes before they even leave their hangars
And I'm sick enough to pull a con job like Genghis
I weave tales of war, legend, and folklore
Things will never be as they were once before
Witness the second coming of the Last Emperor
For now and forever, cursed to walk the Earth once more