The Last Emperor
The Umph (Clean)
The Last Emperor ft. Cocoa Brovaz - “The Umph”
[Emcee(s): Steele, Tek, and The Last Emperor]
[Producer(s): Daddy-O]

[Verse 1: Steele]
Brace yourself for the awesomest pair. When Cocoa B's
‘pon deck, put the trees in the air
This time, we came to represent the place we’re from
Bucktown, New York. Take an arrow and run. Now
Take a sec to respect this pedigree
Steps up pioneers in the industry
Genereal S-T-double-E-L-E
And the B smoky, my pee you see
Last Emp big pimp, Nino storm. We roll
Up a dub sack right before we have to perform
Me and the band that I just mentioned
We get it on in these Brooknam trenches

[Verse 2: Tek]
We regulate when you tell jake I struck ya (Here We Go!)
Pay a cake, send 'bout eight through the toucher (Here We Go!)
For playing popo, you got to go-go (Here We Go!)
You felt the fo-fo. We skate out on the low-low (Here We Go!)
We move out with tools, thugs, and drugs
Load slugs, twist up, and I spread my love
That's the B.K. way, the only way I know how to be
See me in this tunnel, Brooklyn on the side of me

[Hook: Samples] (x8)
“Go! Go!” - Sample from [?] - “[?]”

[Verse 3: Last Emperor]
Let the world bear witness as hip hop spreads
From America, the U.K., and even Tibet
Some fake politicians label it as a threat
With the attack of The Last Emp, Steele, and Tek
I went from west Philadelphia to Bucktown
Daddy-O said, “Hit 'em with the rough sound” (Hit 'em with it, son)
Bobby Simmons cold beat the drums down (Give me the drums)
Or go Emperor to shut the whole club down (Murder)
Prince Paul brings the cuts and scratches and
Attacking it, man, you know where the action is (You know where that is)
Back and forth as the DJ spins
We attempt to make history once again

[Hook: Samples] (x8)
“Go Emperor” - Sample from [?] - “[?]”

[Verse 4: Tek]
Brooklyn, Bed Stuy is our hometown
Strongarm, that's how we get down
Spit rounds, hit clowns with thick pounds
Stuff grams up mouths for the Greyhounds
With that butter shit, off-white color shit
Find a town, smother it on some gutter shit
Like spider webs, I hang in the hood. That's what
Separate the rapper dudes. You can and I could
Y'all the type that smoke dirt, easy to be murked
Run around with broke, unloaded guns that don't work
Deserved to be hurt, kidnapped in the store
Gun-butted with the eighty and beat up in the public

[Hook: Samples] (x7)
“Go Brooklyn” - Sample from [?] - “[?]”

[Verse 5: Last Emperor]
Last Emp found the way with the rhymes I say
To straight mutilate mics and fight urban decay
I’ll make the crowd sway in a dangerous way
Point blank, this ain't a game—motherfuckers, don't play!
I’ll create fresh rhymes with the lava method
I’ll put it out. A few rappers try to catch it
The type of emcee that they don't invite to sessions
I’ll come real, and they're just composite sketches
We brought the band back for a live track
It ain't a DAT, man—y'all n***as can't rewind that
Who got the heat? Now y'all know where to find that
And you could catch me out back with a dime sack

[Verse 6: Steele]
It ain't nothing like Bucktown music
When you’re smoking on a nine-five, cruising
Or when you with a dime chick getting booted
In the big truck, system up, booming
You like it ‘cause you choose it
Many commercial emcees misuse it
But the name of the game is rapture
Now you rap actors meet you rap masters

[Hook: Samples] (x8)
“Go Emperor” - Sample from [?] - “[?]”