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"Piano Ting"

Sorry for the lateness
I guess I was looking for a little inspiration
No complaining
But I just had a couple situations
Still one of the hardest, no debating
These rappers you rate, they're overrated
You see, they don't do it, they just say sh*t
Do as I say, but not the same ting
I'm on the wrong side of 20, and we days in
Feeling so young, like I ain't ageing
I still got something for a 'wagan'
'Cause I don't want no funeral arrangements
Still, we kick knowledge
On the phone to Dave, while he hits college
And even though I skipped college
I'm hoping that he sticks on it
Coz if life gives you sh*t, learn sh*t from it
Still, most days are repetitive
Stuck up on that same old script, I'm trying to edit it
See, we ain't buying your lies, you're still selling it
We inspired them guys, now they settled in
Trips, OT, make your legs ache
Left, right, left, like a fed chase
It's not how you got there, it's how sweet the end tastes
It's about who watches, and not how many press play
I'm trying to get it faster than a cheetah
Revenge is sweet, but, winning's even sweeter
So now it's straight one hunna' for a feature
Certain man are telling me it's cheap, but
I ain't made a penny off my speech, blood
I need to slow down, that's a speed bump
This fast living's got me struggling to keep up
I swear it's funny how I'm fat, but I don't eat much
It's funny how I ain't slept right, in three months
I ain't in the mood, but I re'd up
We go hard, 'til all them brothers freed up
Go hard for what's mine, it's like a prenup
Nowadays, everybody's g'd up
They say they got smoke, they got shisha
They say they got the white girl, but she ain't a keeper
Turn non-believers to believers

Hocus pocus
You don’t focus
When you're close to death
Our worlds, too different, things that I would do different, it's like it's so intense
There’s intent, where there’s no intent
These words are here to build strong children, they're trying to fix broken men
These officers they hate me
So when these sirens come, I hold my waist, they hope to take me
Resolve beyond a code, no selling souls, you couldn't break me
This hate talk for jakes, from a baby
These blue lights are crazy
And lifestyle hectic
I'm fit for flashing lights I'm epileptic
Before I catch attention
I'm dashing to this entrance
They could never understand
Why we were pedaling them grams
And putting 20's in my hand
And if they ain't getting tax, know they're getting it gone
My hood's still antiheros like General Zod
You see a stabbing, turn your head and move on
Don't even reach for your phone
Cos if you're breaching this code
You walk these streets on your own
And every couple years
We lose about a hundred peers
No one came to play Tekken, kid
My waist is where this weapon is
Rides like Chessington
But nothing ain't fun or fair
Most man are running scared
Bigger fish they're punching air
White collar, punish rare
Blue lights more pressure, how many man are scared?
So many stabbings, you would've thought that man are shanking air
It’s difficult for man to care
When donnies are trying to put you under wood like Frank and Claire
A date, you couldn't save me though
We break the law and make it known
My people lost their minds, we overbed our lies, and made a home
I swear, we love these sirens on a sly, it's like I'm Davy Jones
Drawn to the risk, Jack Sparrow never makes it home
I'm looking for this plate of gold
In deep blue seas, trying to take my soul
In a world of crime
I work a line
And held a nine
To make this paper fold
These blue lights can never take my soul

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