[Verse 1: noxlumen]
I can feel my chest beat my head to the floor
I can't see myself in the mirror no more
Baby got no heart, now I'm gon' suffer slow
Taking the long way down so I'm gon' f**k her slow
And all the clouds pass by, I'll be watchin' up high (watchin' up high)
Lightning strikes me down and I'm doin' just fine (doin' just fine)
Now I can't catch sleep, and now she's mad at me (and now she's mad at me)
She wanna pierce my eye (pierce my eye), drowning me out then cry (out then cry)

[Chorus: noxlumen & jakob the STAR]
Throw me in the coffin
f**k me six feet under
Shorty said my tongue blue
I can feel my blood turn
She don't wanna touch me
Skin turning to stone now
She don't wanna love me
Forked tongue sticking all out
Throw me in the coffin
Shorty make me louder
But since she won't text back
She won't bring me flowers
Sipping on it all girl
Everything is slowed down
Wishing you were my girl
I can see myself now
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