SAID SUM lyrics


Turn me up YC

Huh? (What?)
Ah, I thought a broke n***a said some' (Ah)
Talkin' sh*t but they still ain't sayin' nothin' (Ain't sayin' nothin')
We gon' trap this b*t*h out 'til the feds come (Run it up, run it up)
Huh? (What she say?)
Ah, I thought a pu**y hoe said some' (Ah)
How it go when I'm talkin', you listen (Just listen)
Cut her off 'cause she spoke on the business (Go)

Hunnids and 50s, can't swap a dime for a penny
You know that's a stupid decision (Yup)
Head first with it
I shot a shot at my n***a
b*t*h really didn't think before I did it (No)
Make it make sense (Please)
Luckily I was on point with the last hoe, kept my receipts (Why?)
Warranty good, made sure I gotta full refund
When I gave her back to the streets (Go)

Forever I rep, put the set on the chain
I'm thuggin, you already know how I came (Know how)
Yeah, he got money but n***as be lame
I Lambo'd her life, told her get out that Range
Her mani' and pedi' same color as my teeth (White)
She gotta blue check and a check without me (Nice)

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