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"Killin sh*t / Saiyan Pride"

[Part I: Killin sh*t]


[Verse 1]
Big grin on my face, baby on that killer sh*t
Love my girl, I'm ridin' with her, she ain't scared to kill a b*tch
Clutchin' on the .30, big stick, I'm gon' hit some sh*t
Clutchin' on a stick or a .30, I'm gon' hit some sh*t
n*ggas like to talk and run they mouth but how you missin' sh*t?
You know how it is, n*ggas like you better when you dead
Probably take the time out to even check out what you said
Long as how the ideas I had goin' to your head
Enemies in this life, we might be brothers in the next
Long as you keep comin' for my neck, I'm comin' for your head
Long as you keep gunnin' for my neck, I'm gunnin' for your head
My teacher said I'd be a trash man, I keep a dump and sh*t
Ain't no lames around me in my circle or circ*mference
Pull up on them n*ggas right now and watch 'em jump a fence
I was on go, movin' fast, f*ck a consequence
Every action that a n*gga take come with a consequence
n*ggas said we couldn't get no money now we flexin' on 'em
Everybody who doubted my hustle, now I'm flexin' on 'em
Anybody doubtin' on my struggle, now I'm catchin' up
All these n*ggas wanna have opinions, we ain't stressin' on it
We ain't stressin' on it
Everybody got a b*tch 'pinion, ain't no stressin' on it
Ain't no stressin' on it
What they talking 'bout don't even mean sh*t, ain't no stressin' on it
Ain't no stressin' on it
If it ain't got no ranch, baby, ain't no dressin' on it
Ain't no dressin' on it
Took lil' mama out the hood, put a dress up on her

[Part II: Saiyan Pride]

DB the plug

[Verse 2]
I'm so close to revenge, I'm so close to my enemies
Like we share an umbilical cord
You f*ck n*ggas Fantastic Four
.45 leave 'em Human Torch
Same n*ggas sayin' I'm fallin' off
Same n*ggas who ain't had a hit once
Same n*ggas in the same cities with the same b*tches and the same watch
With the same outlook on life
Stuck 'cause your demo ain't buzz, right?
Ain't you s'posed to be the plug, right?
Got them young n*ggas throwin' up thug life
If I love you, I put you above mine
If you take it for granted, that's more than fine
If you take it for weakness, that's more than fine
My success and progress got 'em mortified
Once I run up a bag I'm immortalized
I be burnin' bridges, baby, all the time
Hop in that coupe and immobilize
Gettin' global money on that global time
So you mad but he text you on local time
But my partners fell out 'cause they both was slime
f*ck a co-defendant, f*ck a co-sign
Two lesbian b*tches, they both mine
Talking 'bout "We single," and we both lyin' (DB the plug)
We from down South, we polite and kind
But you took it for weakness and now you dyin'
Put in overtime for my gold shine
Diamonds drippin' wet, need a clothesline
Fauni pullin' up, that mean your ho's mine
All my hood got more needles than porcpines
It's extended, syringes, ain't glorifyin'

[Verse 3]
Dog food like Scooby Snack
Know n*ggas really movin' that
Backwoods, burn 'em back to back
Like we really got Cataracts
I'm so close to the bag, I could taste that
f*ck a b*tch, n*gga, chase cash
Get green for that baby, no Cabbage Patch
Seen the revenue, we jackin' that
Bring the block beauty, that's my habitat
Where I developed bad habits at
Sure, he passed me the strap, I came up with that
Yeah, we used to be junkie, run off a bag
We ain't always had clothes, we was sharin' swag
38, firearm, run it up with that
Wanna f*ck with my brother? Get body-bagged
Put him down to Earth then send him under that

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