Better Not lyrics


Ok Embasin, whatever

[Chorus: Lite Fortunato]
Bet I'm gon kill that vibe
Bet I'm, bet I'm gon kill that time
Bet I'm gon kill with that nine
Bet I'm gon, bet I'm gon kill on time
Bet I'm gon stay in that line
Better not, better not waste my time
My denim is Number Nine
I mix that sh*t with the Philipp Plein
I got a Codeine habit
I'm throwing money in Magic
My Glock 17 is all plastic
I'm on southside with a actress
I got the pretty girls right around the world
She want the diamonds, the gems and the pearls
Get with me baby I might change your world
You talking about [?] got [?] galore

[Verse 1: Lite Fortunato]
A sadiddy girl with a attitude
Shots, shots, shots, we in Malibu
I got girls [?] you
Stay down, Imma marry you
Ooh, [?] my styrofoam
Baby girl I'm on the way home
[?] she rocking lingerie
Do what I say like I'm Simon baby
If it's cold let's climate change
She kinda crazy [?]
Got rich hoes [?]
If you know better, do better, do better, do better
If you know better, I know that you'd do better
Who bitter, you bitter cause [?]
Maison Margiela the color of Nutella
Pillow talking ass n***a I know who you telling
Baby gon do it better, uh
I'm rocking Maison Margiela, uh
Imma finesse the bank teller, uh
I might just Maison Margiela my sweater

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