Transformers lyrics


Ok Embasin

[Chorus: Thouxanbanfauni]
Keeping that strap in my bag, you know the drill, yeah, yeah
Gossip ass n***a talk tea about me get em spilled, yeah, yeah, yeah
f**k a Catfish, I get a bad b*t*h forreal, real, real, real
n***a always gon keep that stainless steel, steel, steel, steel
[?] keep that iron, iron, iron, iron
pu**y ass n***a you a feline all that lying, lying, lying, lying
Get a b*t*h boot-boot booted up off that loud, loud, loud
Pulling up in Transformers Optimus Prime, prime, prime, prime

[Verse: Lite Fortunato]
Got a b*t*h booted up right here off a line, line
Told my brother that I got his back like a spine
Make the whip transform just like Optimus Prime
She want me to kill her from the front and from behind
German whips, Australian b*t*h
American clothes, American chicks
That n***a broke, he cannot be fixed
[?] with your b*t*h kissing them lips
Black boy in the pocket like I'm Vick
You pocket watching tryna see how I live
These b*t*hes watching because they know that I'm lit
Keep a Tech in my pocket incase they try and blitz

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