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"X-Factor vs. Jerry Wess"

[Round 1: X-Factor]
That’s boy a lamer!
Prob’ly take his shirt off
Twist it around his head, spinnin’ like a heli-
I was just makin’ sure y’all was wit’ me
Aye, not too long ago, the lil’ homie GQ Prep
He hit me like, “X, what you think about battling Jerry Wess?”
I said, “n*gga, I’m not battling, I’m grindin’
sh*t, I’m just tryna see a mill’, Prep”
But now I’m back, cookin’ everything early: I’m tryna meal prep
Y’all feel that?
Against TeeWhy, won’t lie, J snapped
Well, if y’all Champion get outta line, I’ll give him this TEC-9 (Tech 9) if J black (JayBlac)
What? You thought for your career that this was a good idea?
To battle X? ‘Cause he been sittin’ on bars for, like, four years?
Well, good luck with that stupid sh*t
This Ruger spit, hit him from his top to his…
You pus*y, so ain’t no need to tell you the risk (uterus)
That goofy sh*t get his bean hit
Or I’ll hit up Qleen like, “Qleen, come clean this!
You know that job I was offerin’ was to get him drug”
But they ain’t tryna see Qleen (clean) p*ssed
I mean this, mean sh*t rip him apart
That .40 on his roof, talk wit’ the steel: I’m Principal Clark
Hey, lean on me, I’ll kill a n*gga
Scheme on me, leave his body on ice: I’ll chill a n*gga
What make y’all think he want this bout next? Y’all doubt X?
These bullets? New York groupies that love Daylyt
I’ll have these b*tches flyin’ out Wess (West)
Get ya top red when that lead up, I’m fed up
Not to mention, this a preachers’ convention: n*gga, I’m revved up!
Lead up, get ya head bust
There’ll be a few concussions
Not to mention, my lil’ cannon’s patience runnin’ low like Ilena’s cousin
Aye, leg shot his b*tch
The way I gave her a cane (hurricane), you’ll think FEMA comin’
The BaldHead out that Tommy strong, leave a hole in him the size of Gina’s onion
n*gga, I don’t feel ya
I will .44 blue steel ya
I got Bloods and Crips that will kill ya
That sort of sh*t Morpheus, ‘cause the Blue or Red peel (pill) ya
I’m not playin’! I’m NOT PLAYIN’ with these lil’ n*ggas!
I got Crips on standby
They’ll give him them TECs foul
Just called up a sick Blood - they be lookin’ for Wess now (West Nile)
n*gga always talkin’ how he get violent, right?
Then it’s jalapeños: sh*t get hot and J get silent
I’m better than 90 percent of these veterans
Smack, who hold the throne?
‘Cause for the right amount of cheese, I promise they won’t be a pro for long (provolone)
But you!?
For actin’ slow, am I wrong if I tore this (tortoise) shell off in him?
I watched two or three of your battles and watched you take two L’s like that was cool, J
Well, J will catch a pair of .9’s like Cool Grays
Leave him slumped
He let a shot off - BAH!
Ironic how Jerry Wess (West) had the .44, but only let it ring once
I got that X-Factor snub! Nose bigger than a b*tch
And the barrel longer than my sh*t on that Photoshop pic
Aye, you lyin’, you phony!
This .9’ll blow three
Or this ice pick tearin’ (tear in) his face like the cryin’ emoji
Aye, Smack, I was thinkin’ Born Legacy Supreme 2 gon’ be a thrill
Plus, I show out (Showwoutt) with punches, so how would I (eye) (k)not be on the Bill?
Aye, Jerry Wess, huh? You let them ‘matics blow!?
When he saw this Tre, he started playin’ another role
I’m talkin’ Smack words before Red rounds: you Radio? (“You ready, O?”)
‘Cause now the n*gga actin’ slow!
The gun spot him!
Three shots, one drop him!
His spirit rise, I get to tan his soul like the gum-bottoms
Run that back, n*gga - tan sole, that’s gum-bottoms!
Chrome sh*t
That boy won’t make it home ‘less (homeless) a bum spot him
Aye, you got a long f*ckin’ day
So I hope you got your practice
‘Cause all night, I’m just fat-b*tch-bungee-cord-snappin’, n*gga
f*ck outta here

[Round 1: Jerry Wess]
I said, a lot of pioneers left this game, all for commas
Some relationships was maintained, and that’s to my knowledge
The URL always investin’ - y’all even blew some dollars
But Smack must still be f*ckin’ wit’ (E)X...clusiv Vodka!
We was supposed to been battled
But the URL wanted what’s best for him
Told me I had to snap first
I pushed T(ee) to the side and got X again!
Why we really here, X?
‘Cause you tried to show your sh*t amongst the new generation and noticed yo’ style’s off?
Got smoked at Double Impact, but let you tell it, it’s all Miles’ fault?
See, n*ggas thought his return woulda been fire!
You ain’t as lit as you think!
Really, you just came back washed (backwash) like you spit in your drink
I saw him bumpin’ music in his car
First thought: drug him in his sh*t!
Or switch to the hammer, call him - “Aye, you X!?” (A-U-X) - then plug him in his whip!
Or I could light up his hoopty
You know that bum-ass Subaru?
I roam in (Roman), hit X V with 15- it ain’t a numeral
I’ll have ya b*tch chop ya body up! You’ll be cut in two!
Meanin’ if I let her (letter) in front of X, she’ll double you (W)
If you let your boys jump in, I’m lettin’ off wild chrome
It won’t be an accomplishment when he lookin’ at Miles’ stone! (milestone)
If that n*gga Marv start talkin’ from the sideline, then let him know a bodyguard is a dumb profession
He ain’t know that I pop groups ‘til I put it in Won (One) Direction
I was thinkin’ about sendin’ Verb a shot, but I put the toolie back
Super fact - I would give Aye an ‘R (A&R), but his music wack
Just ‘cause he never seen me before don’t make me new, n*gga
Your new girl my old girl - I was X (ex) before you, n*gga!
He made it seem like it was tough in his era
The sh*t had to be lies
Y’all saw me come in the game, walk through: I’m a strategy guide
He pavin’ the way for the new generation? That’s a vast prediction
I’m confused - how is he the truth when everything about Factor (fact or) fiction?
Smack got me battlin’ washed vets
He tryin’ me, for real...again!
Bet my next battle be the return of Yung Ill...again!
You haven’t been a Factor since Young X
Come to think about it, when were you young, X?
The more my stock rise, the more you die out
That’s where you and I stand, X
Must be killin’ you
Once I got a leg in, I’ve shortened your lifespan, X (Spandex)
His lines was fire, but will never be the same: that’s a bad shape-up
Sorry to say it, but the truth gon’ hurt, X (ex) like a bad breakup
You already know he ain’t gon’ bungee-cord-snap on sh*t
You gon’ lose this whole first round, my n*gga - that’s it
Brooklyn in this b*tch
Let’s go!

[Round 2: X-Factor]
n*gga, they asked me to battle you, like, a thousand times
I’m talkin’ even after Tech 9, I just ain’t feel you was deadly
A few more of his battles dropped, I watched
I said, “OK, lil’- lil’ Jerry here may be ready.”
But in the back of my mind, I’m thinkin’, “You? Win vers’-”
n*gga, you couldn’t even win the flip!
And that’s when I heard that infamous bar
Y’all know, that “bullets’ll spit out Tee (tea) like (*pfft*) ‘Ain’t no sugar in this sh*t!’”
I said, “Whoo!
See, now I’m panickin’, n*gga pacin’ ‘round the house
‘Cause sayin’ sh*t like that against me? Ya finally got the clout
Well, this Glock-20? Long clip
It’ll finally hit his scalp
And bullets’ll spit out Jerry like Tom finally caught the mouse!
My n*gga called me right before the battle
He said, “Bub, n*gga, don’t get dust off”
I looked at the phone crazy
He said, “Well, well, before you get appalled (a Paul), I’m just sayin’ be mellow (‘Melo) and knock the rust (Russ) off”
I said, “OK, C! (OKC) Tell me what you really mean when you talk, dawg”
He said, “Just go out there and break a leg, ‘cause in the ‘hood, n*ggas be ball hogs”
He said, “And ya gotta carry (Curry) yourself like a boss do
And for you to Ig’ the Green, that’s just not somethin’ that a boss do
You a dog, and he dog food
And even in ya Golden State, you was showin’ a lot of these rookies what them bars do.”
I said, “Facts!”
He said, “And ain’t a n*gga pocket-checkin’ sh*t!
‘Cause if they act hard in (Harden) here, even a Chris chin’ll (Christian) be gettin’ blessed.”
n*gga, I say all that to confess:
I’m a Houston fan, so I don’t wanna see nothin’ but Rockets comin’ outta Wess (West)
It only gets better!
I said, so don’t get me upset!
I’ll be at every known relative house lookin’ for Wess
They said, “He at the URL!”
I said, “n*gga, I’m at the IP address”
Like, what’s crackin’?
Knife or the .45?
You want four shots, or a bow-tie?
Because I’ll keep the four tucked, or the blade’ll poke eye
No lie - all these new battle-ass n*ggas get murdered fast
I mean, the core (Cor’) of my misfits (Ms. Fit) is Ricans: they’ll Murda Ave
Aye, or put a slight fee on Mike P
That other n*gga? I’ll stick a bad b*tch on him
He’ll wife her fast
That n*gga think she on Twork (twerk) team ‘til he see a pus*y poppin’ his ass
Aye, tell K you can’t escape this death, n*gga! You’re no rider!
Oh, he is? Well, this .50, son, will turn Shine to a Ghost driver
I’mma bake his bean like Boston when I’m airin’ him
Desert Eagle - I mean, the MAC kill (McHale), but I’d rather use the Bird to perish (Parrish) him
I’m darin’ him!
I’ll put a price on yo’ head, n*gga!
That whip ain’t safe!
Watch the God work
Now it’s a ticket on that Bentley, and your life is what defines worth (Fonzworth)
Aye, look! Aye, look! Aye!
Now go on and be a Bad Boy
I’ll roll through wit’ 30 whips, clappin’ at his sh*t
He’ll catch about 112 in Total
Oh, you finally in front of me, duke
Well, this SMACK taxes
You been workin’ all year to get this W, too (W-2)
You won’t catch me slippin’!
Not even, maybe, let off, like 100 shots
n*gga, you couldn’t light Bub in broad daylight if you was wit’ Daylyt and he brought about 100 Watts!
n*ggas wit’ him, I’m like, “Damn, dawg!”
‘Cause if I flash it from the coat (Colt) and drew (Andrew)
I’m just sayin’, y’all, it’s pure Luck if these bullets I threw just take a hand off (handoff)
Aw, I know what he thinkin’!
I know what he thinkin’ like, “I’m goin’ all out...for X! He ain’t been hot in years!
But I bring that dog out
He like, “I’m gettin’ calls all day. I’m gettin’ calls now!
And I done snatched him out the freezer to cook him!”
I said, well, that’s clear ‘cause this wasn’t thought (thawed) out
You got a long f*ckin’ day
So I hope you got your practice
‘Cause all night, I’m just fat-b*tch-bungee-cord-snappin’, n*gga

[Round 2: Jerry Wess]
We got another Romeo home with his Juliet
It ain't safe there
If a shot go beyond, their (yonder) window break- I'm quotin' Shakespeare
I told my bro, let me borrow his gun
Take mines 'cause his got some range
And he live up the block, so we ain't have to meet on Wall Street for that stock exchange
I ain't even take that serious
The whole point is to see if he don't slack
He take too long to use the MAC, I pull a Tom' out (timeout), then the screen go black
What kinda (Wakanda) challenge is he?
Whatever problem I got, the gat answer
New TEC (tech), kept it a secret for years...I'm Black Panther!
Your doll finna get her mouth blown off
Was told, "Soon as she curl, bang her (banger)"
She in the ER with her sh*t open
Now the docs sealin' (seal in) her face like a SeaWorld trainer!
You be on LSD and meth, tryin' to bag gothic chicks, dumb high
Look like he be on 'shrooms and tell b*tches "Don't worry, ha-ha - I'm a fun guy (fungi)."
You ain't got hands, watch out for that one/two or lose wit' it
Like it or not, he gonna have to try to duck like a food critic
Back in the day, I caught a few jooks, but realized it wasn't the right thing
On a dark night (Dark Knight), I could've got them (Gotham)
And n*ggas know I used to be robbin' (Robin) like Nightwing
Now, I was gonna do this for a favor, until we discussed finances
Why Smack gon' stand there stuntin'?
Asked, "How much I'm gettin?" He said, "X amount."
Well, according to his stock, that's...damn near nothin'!
You wanted this wreck here homie, actin' like you helpin' me
Son gotta be a fraud
How he the legend helpin' me and we damn near bottom of the card!?
Old n*gga, after old- okay y'all gotta stop, this sh*t might go outta style
Spoiler alert: Head I.C.E is makin' his return...and I might as well start writin' for him now
The newspaper read, "Man choked to death."
But I doubt anybody care for it
He couldn't breathe
Bad taste in music: he didn't have the air (ear) for it
He a legend, so why would I envy him?
Never mind
(Nah, spell it out)
Word, cause if I envy 'em (NVM); never mind
I'll stop you dead in ya tracks
Take that L, hold, floss it
With two R's on the side of X; railroad crossing
He from Detroit, but he ain't like that, tell me how's the n*gga tough?
Just because he been hittin' the gym don't mean X'll size (exercise) a n*gga up
Don't get it twist b*tch, cause I'm the calm type
A n*gga could be Suge size and Lebron height
Brush me the wrong way homie and it's on sight
I'll even go crazy over a lil' bump like it's prom night
If that sh*t hit his chest, he ain't gettin' up
n*ggas thinkin' they f*ckin' wit' the squad, they better step it up
Two guns, goin' for the overkill, I ain't lettin' up
First unload wit' the pound, then the deuce wavin'
Look like swat team when they settin' up
Stealth mode, I shoot him while his back is turned, his death is cold
{Gun clicks}
He heard the burner but ain't see the flame; electric stove
Never let a hoe play me, I get money, I don't know what this lie about
f*ck b*tches I'm in the club turnin' hoes (hose) down like I put a fire out
Shotgun, blow you to pieces, he had a bad game
Very clear, crime scene like a shot chart, zero for 30, X everywhere
The only way outta this is suicide, or get carved in two bruh
Or I make him cut himself, cause barber chargin' too much
These semi-autos, feel like mathematics
Wait, Math matics, it's makin' sense (cents)
I had to put X between a deuce and a trey then gave him six
(A little creative. Two X Three is six)
Your shorty booked a flight to see me, you salty, you have to be son
Soon as ya baby mother land (motherland) I'm bangin' between her legs; African drum
This n*gga set up shop in Detroit, I'm in there waitin' to send him to the next life
Soon as he get in the trap I let it go like white people when they catch mice
Whoever wit' him gettin' robbed
Shame I had to do another one sad
Your father with you then ya pops gettin' mugged; #1 dad
Ya friends? Catch a shot by association wit' a Sig' drawn
Yeah I 'Walk It Like I Talk It' and all ya Migos gettin' wigged on
I kick in ya do', mo' times than Franchise
You know I'm shootin', if ya family hide I'm puttin' somethin' in they skull for stoopin'
There's no n*ggas left in the house, still spazzin' I know I'm losin' it
Walk in the baby room
(Yeah, kill X seed (exceed))
Nah, that's over doin' it
Air shot, the kick dead, ask Pep nobody notice y'all
Told me to throw Sig's (cigs) at you, my team keep it a 100 like Golden Squad
I'm tired of the hate, like I can't rap
f*ck these lame bums, tell 'em I'm one of the greats
And don't be afraid to add midwest (admit Wess) like where you came from
Y'all n*ggas must be on some kind on some kind yay' ('Ye) thinkin' I would play wit' him
After this y'all never look at Wess (West) the same I'm makin' the URL great again

[Round 3: X-Factor]
I said, there ain’t a mothaf*cka in this venue that think that y’all tough
So go on and start wit’ my sharks, and these’ll have you pickin’ Jaws up
Aw, f*ck, I’m ‘bout er’rything
Calicoes, Berettas sing
Your b*tch get bopped, n*gga, stomach shot
Hit her belly ring
‘Cause when I fire, I’m a roaster (Omarosa) that’ll Trump everything
Before I give you more crazy sh*t, y’all know I got a hit list, right?
‘Bout two or three
See, first off, Brizz Semi-Rawsteen, you’re not foolin’ me

[Round 3: Jerry Wess]
I got a question
Does bein’ pushed as a vet or a legend make you top-tier?
I don’t know, but I’ll push this vet off a ledge and make his top tear
Since a young’un, people died around me
I knew I had to make it from Day 1
I’m Kal-El, my ‘hood was really Krypton, ‘cause nobody made it where I came from
n*ggas act different when the heat is on ‘em
Chinese store for the slaughter
Meanin’ I cook cats, grab the tre (tray) and...put these pussies in order
I ran down on X, he booked it
It’s on sight if we try again
Next time, I’ll shoot his leg
Change X speed, he’ll (Expedia) never take flight again!
n*ggas keep sleepin’ on me? I’mma spaz on him, just for sleepin’ on Wess
I’m Chris Brown - for the rest of my career, I’m gon’ be known for beatin’ on X (ex)
You took a hiatus from battle rap-
He took a hiatus from battle rap? Real smooth
You ducked Shine just to get help and still lose
You told K-Shine, “Where your girl? I might pop your boo”
Then I got confused, ‘cause what made you say “Pause?”
So wait, wait, wait
When you say gay sh*t, we say “Pause”
But when you say straight sh*t, you say-?
Yo, this n*gga can’t adapt to this new generation, and this who y’all figure vet?
This round, f*ck the Bro Code! I’m ‘bout to talk to that n*gga X (ex)!
Now when your bro do somethin’ dumb, you stop him, right?
See, I don’t like that sh*t
‘Cause what’s crazy is n*ggas say Miles messed up the 2-on-2, but you let him write that sh*t!
And since n*ggas feel I got the worst vet on the card, they think I’mma play?
Why would I slack, fam’?
n*ggas been tellin’ me...“Go at ‘em, Wess!” (Adam West): original Batman!
At the end of it (It), I’m only here to body clowns
Cold case, they gon’ find how X (ex) dead like Bobby Brown
You left and came back? Now this ho gotta go
Stiff jab, leave a (k)not there like nobody home
If it wasn’t for me. Smack would be denyin’ you
Wit’ a nose like that, I envy whoever supplyin’ you
Gunsmoke everywhere, your people know you dyin’, too
Big sh-
(*A smoke alarm goes off in the venue*)
That just mean you been cooked, but I’m still fryin’ you!
You could be mindin’ your business and get shot!
I doubt the cops come through after
Then outta nowhere (Wah!) he caught a pound: Kung Fu master!
This pro active (Proactiv) to face you (facial), scrub!
He’s nervous ‘bout this mean loss
Soon as X fall, he ate (exfoliate) a bullet - knock black head (blackhead) clean off!
He gettin’ left behind by a noob
This scheme Grand Master to a Sensei
I’m experienced in Mortal Kombat, and I’m trained wit’ the Sub like the Lin Quay
You think you Thor, brother?
f*ck, somethin’, somethin, somethin’
Hold on - I can’t stand those n*ggas
(Yo, did this n*gga just choke? Low-key?) [Loki]
Yeah, to death - I’m Thanos, n*gga!
Get animated!
Up close, this sh*t’ll knock your head off, too!
Face shot! The bullet got X in the eyes like a dead cartoon!
See, the haters feel like the URL shouldn’t have push Wess on
But it’s WeGoHard
But if we the “gas station”...then what X on (Exxon)?
The bungee cord won’t get to snap on this n*gga
The iffy look killed him
I’ll tie you to a 100-foot bungee cord, then push you off a 50-foot building!
Last week, I scooped his bae
He was there all night and had to wait on her
Liu Kang fatality
They shoulda known I was tryin’ to kill when I dropped game on her!
Now K-Shine gave you everything the mag’ need, tho’ (Magneto)
He shoulda left you all dead
But I’mma finish the job usin’ Cerebro
Lookin’ for X men (X-Men) wit’ a BaldHead
I’ll put a nose on his nose
Mirror match since he wanted war
X and the snub, lookin’ like Logan when he fought X-24
Now I know from my back-and-forth, I could tell that I was f*ckin’ wit’ a fraud
Take him to church
The way X communicated (excommunicated), I knew he couldn’t do nothin’ wit’ the God!
n*gga, I Snoop wit’ the grip!
Get popped if you ain’t on Wess side (Westside)!
Rib shot! Crip flag: get blew (blue) on the left side!
This n*gga’s a pioneer in this game and think he some kind of authority figure?
Well, this gun say otherwise and I’m finna clap the majority wit’cha
Big sh*t
Told my n*ggas, “Get down - it’s ‘bout to get gory, my n*gga!”
The kickback? Regular ‘cause crowd-surfin’ ain’t a Priority, n*gga!

Aye, aye, that sh*t was gettin’ too much

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