"X-Factor vs. Jerry Wess"

[Round 1: X-Factor]
That’s boy a lamer!
Prob’ly take his shirt off
Twist it around his head, spinnin’ like a heli-
I was just makin’ sure y’all was wit’ me
Aye, not too long ago, the lil’ homie GQ Prep
He hit me like, “X, what you think about battling Jerry Wess?”
I said, “n***a, I’m not battling, I’m grindin’
sh*t, I’m just tryna see a mill’, Prep”
But now I’m back, cookin’ everything early: I’m tryna meal prep
Y’all feel that?
Against TeeWhy, won’t lie, J snapped
Well, if y’all Champion get outta line, I’ll give him this TEC-9 (Tech 9) if J black (JayBlac)
What? You thought for your career that this was a good idea?
To battle X? ‘Cause he been sittin’ on bars for, like, four years?
Well, good luck with that stupid sh*t
This Ruger spit, hit him from his top to his…
You pu**y, so ain’t no need to tell you the risk (uterus)
That goofy sh*t get his bean hit
Or I’ll hit up Qleen like, “Qleen, come clean this!
You know that job I was offerin’ was to get him drug”
But they ain’t tryna see Qleen (clean) p*ssed
I mean this, mean sh*t rip him apart
That .40 on his roof, talk wit’ the steel: I’m Principal Clark
Hey, lean on me, I’ll kill a n***a
Scheme on me, leave his body on ice: I’ll chill a n***a
What make y’all think he want this bout next? Y’all doubt X?
These bullets? New York groupies that love Daylyt
I’ll have these b*t*hes flyin’ out Wess (West)
Get ya top red when that lead up, I’m fed up
Not to mention, this a preachers’ convention: n***a, I’m revved up!
Lead up, get ya head bust
There’ll be a few concussions
Not to mention, my lil’ cannon’s patience runnin’ low like Ilena’s cousin
Aye, leg shot his b*t*h
The way I gave her a cane (hurricane), you’ll think FEMA comin’
The BaldHead out that Tommy strong, leave a hole in him the size of Gina’s onion
n***a, I don’t feel ya
I will .44 blue steel ya
I got Bloods and Crips that will kill ya
That sort of sh*t Morpheus, ‘cause the Blue or Red peel (pill) ya
I’m not playin’! I’m NOT PLAYIN’ with these lil’ n***as!
I got Crips on standby
They’ll give him them TECs foul
Just called up a sick Blood - they be lookin’ for Wess now (West Nile)
n***a always talkin’ how he get violent, right?
Then it’s jalapeños: sh*t get hot and J get silent
I’m better than 90 percent of these veterans
Smack, who hold the throne?
‘Cause for the right amount of cheese, I promise they won’t be a pro for long (provolone)
But you!?
For actin’ slow, am I wrong if I tore this (tortoise) shell off in him?
I watched two or three of your battles and watched you take two L’s like that was cool, J
Well, J will catch a pair of .9’s like Cool Grays
Leave him slumped
He let a shot off - BAH!
Ironic how Jerry Wess (West) had the .44, but only let it ring once
I got that X-Factor snub! Nose bigger than a b*t*h
And the barrel longer than my sh*t on that Photoshop pic
Aye, you lyin’, you phony!
This .9’ll blow three
Or this ice pick tearin’ (tear in) his face like the cryin’ emoji
Aye, Smack, I was thinkin’ Born Legacy Supreme 2 gon’ be a thrill
Plus, I show out (Showwoutt) with punches, so how would I (eye) (k)not be on the Bill?
Aye, Jerry Wess, huh? You let them ‘matics blow!?
When he saw this Tre, he started playin’ another role
I’m talkin’ Smack words before Red rounds: you Radio? (“You ready, O?”)
‘Cause now the n***a actin’ slow!
The gun spot him!
Three shots, one drop him!
His spirit rise, I get to tan his soul like the gum-bottoms
Run that back, n***a - tan sole, that’s gum-bottoms!
Chrome sh*t
That boy won’t make it home ‘less (homeless) a bum spot him
Aye, you got a long f**kin’ day
So I hope you got your practice
‘Cause all night, I’m just fat-b*t*h-bungee-cord-snappin’, n***a
f**k outta here
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