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"Jey The Nitewing vs. Ru Bando"

[Round 1: Jey The Nitewing]
n***a you from Brooklyn?
You sure?
Couldn’t tell by lookin ya tapes over
The way I see it, you're only here cause Smack just needed it to make quota
They keep sayin', "This a layup."
Nah, this sh*t a layover
Jayhova (Jeyhova), sound like the Roc, but this a 'Takeover'
I’ma get rid a youA
Snitch n***a in gen pop, a shoulder bump could be the end of you
I don’t needa get physical, I got plenty more options
That's still as physical, meanin’ I’m lookin over ya coffin
I mark men, marksmen, where ya war wounds? Harm who?
No knife, or a gun, wit’ just a pen I could sharp shoot
Okay he animated but I’ma mechanic, so either way it’s a cartoon (car tune)
They said "Bando" I heard "open house", see either way it's a walk thru
It’s real bad, stompin' out any fight that he still have
They’ll say he died wit’ Honor, if you ask me he might as well have
Lil’ frail ass n***a, get put to sleep tryna f**k wit’ Jey
Anybody pass by, "Oh. He just turned 21 today."
The MadKing
n***as can only talk tough in a public place
"Jey give him a break."
f**k that, they keep givin' him plates
And the sh*t that they give me not even minimum wage
I’m f**kin' starvin', and the homeless look, prolly gives it away
So it don’t matter if he f**kin' trash he still finna get ate
Lemme be more clear, the way I see it this warfare
Force fear, if the judges pick you, we goin' off air
Headlock, he’ll lose feelin' in his legs like a lawn chair
I'll let him go!
But not before I let him know he don’t belong here
The f**k is this?! Lookin' like his moms dropped him off here
Now I’m gettin' upset, you makin' it this far I really didn’t expect
But now it’s gon' take a super Ru (Subaru) just to fit in the test
Subaru, this a crash course, and yeah I didn’t forget
I couldn’t even get Strapped In, they knew it’s finna be wreck
I’ll beat you to death
Round 1, I ain’t done wit’ you yet

[Round 2: Jey The Nitewing]
I'ma be honest n***a, you're not worth three of my rounds
In this tournament you clearly got the cheesiest style
All I see is a clown, you and I are nothin' the same
A poor mans Hitman, just wit’ a gun and a name
A couple coke flip, periodic dope sh*t, but none of the pain
They don’t believe you, Kylie Jenner, ya see through
Transparent (trans parent), beat who?
The fans don’t even need you, to advance I only need two
But I brought 3, more like 2 and a babe
Bando dried up, it ain’t sh*t he could do for a Jey
I should just choke, off bravado I can’t lose anyway
I am the GOAT
Avocado I wrote for Ru in a day (Ruin Your Day) the f**k you gon’ say?
Just stand there and act stupid
That’s why they see 'Bando' way behind the king, it's trap muzick
It's that ruthless
You either bankin’ on Jey (J) or you glass shootin'
I ain’t Your Honor, this a different court pressure, adapt to it
I'll dap you when you can rap through a round without squeezin' a piece
See me I don’t needa be shootin' n***as, n***as need to shoot me
They only talk that way when they don’t mind losin' they teeth
Every time you smile it be like the movies when n***as choosin' they seats
I’m abusive, that handgun won’t do sh*t
Kung fu grip, getcha roof split
Pull a piece on me, better use it n***a
You hit the lotto this time, cause I’ma do you dirty as sh*t
Even wit’ a rifle ya odds are still 30 to 6
You look nervous, that’s pu**y sh*t, I gotta problem wit’ that
So I’ll have 'em pourin' out cat litter where ya body was at
n***a who watchin ya back?
I say getcha city involved
I’ll show ‘em my countryside when I make Ru stick (rustic) to the wall
I son n***as...like "I’m gettin tired a you missin' my calls
Where the f**k was you Father’s Day?"
f**k around and get Marvin Gaye’d
Combination'll have this n***a lookin like Doctor Strange
His heart racin', STOP RUNNIN' IN MY HOUSE!
Made it stop racin’
f**k Foster care and CPS, I’ll let God take him
Y’all basic
Straight trash get man one off a straight jab
Body shot
Have ‘em workin’ on his breathin’ like Lamaze class
f**k uncle, I will bend ya wrist back until you say "Dad"
You wanna die then I’m wit’ it
Only my time got a limit
Gon’ have me feelin' like a deadbeat by the time that I’m finished
Cause they gon’ remember me for sonnin’ you, but they’ll have to remind me I did it

[Round 3: Jey The Nitewing]
Let's get serious, you know how stupid you been makin us look?
You got the fans talkin' 'bout us like we can’t even cook
N.O.M.E. Ten, and you one name away from the look
And on Rookies Vs Vets this n***a ain’t even booked
Cause they tired of yo' f**kin' ass
Name flips, you just button mash
But this ain’t (Saint) Patrick, more like the day after wit’ that lucky trash
It’s to the point, where even if I choke, you don’t f**kin' pass
Least wit' the judges decision, you done put the whole staff in a f**ked up position
It’s already been mentioned
If I start chokin' I'm just lettin' you finish
And they just gon' come up wit’ an excuse on why they still had me winnin'
Like, "Yeah Bando gave us three rounds, but Jey presence is different."
I hope you payin' attention, cause now it’s mad overdue
Nobody gives a flyin' f**k that I’m battlin' you
Everyone who lost before deserves this more, even Honor and Pat didn’t lose
Sound like they talkin' 'bout 2020 when they ask about Ru
Cause wit’ all the real sick (Sikh) and the Chaos they’d still take that over you
So at this point, I’m just gonna save my f**kin' bars before I feel dumb
I got N.O.M.E. in two weeks, every clip I already filled 'em
He still tryna win I can’t tell, feel like he still done
My advice, put down all those gun bars, 'til you've held a real one
Cause I know this ain’t how Brooklyn do
Every time I look at chu, I wanna call Jaz to see if ya mother’s tryna look for you
My n***a you from Brooklyn Ru, where the f**k is ya pride?
You showin' up to every round lookin' like somebody died
Like 25 ain’t sh*t to you, you got some better sh*t to do?
What? You like 22?
These motherf**kin' millennials
I better hear you outside apologize durin’ ya interview
Tonight I’m better than you
Next time I expect better from you

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