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"Jey The Nitewing vs. Fonz"

[Round 1: Jey The Nitewing]
Yo, before I start this round, I just wanted to say real quick…
I'm from the Northwest, and it took my region a whole...long road to get here
And we lost some friends along the way
Two weeks ago, I lost a friend of mine, we lost a friend of ours named El Solo
And there’s a lot of people in this culture that we look up to and we support...from afar
We admire a lot of people in this building
So it would mean the world to all of us if we could just get a moment of silence for my people, man
I'd definitely appreciate it

(*20-second moment of silence*)

(*to himself*) Rest in peace to my brothers…
Y'all ready?
Night of Main Events, I made it, b*t*h!
On the West, we at home, n***a!
This my motherf**kin’ throne - how many times have I told n***as!?
Only two years in, and I'm already at NOME, n***a?
Don't let my size fool you, homie, ‘cause tonight, I'm a whole n***a
I promise you, this deep in the West, you get no love!
b*t*h, you from Cleveland? So you know what you need then: some mo' Thugs
You like to punch!? I like to punch, too
I coulda came wit' that plotwork
But I'm big, you big
Let's see which one of us drop first!
f**k the static
Ace showed us that none of that punchin’ matters
He had the Land Lord (landlord) like Friday After Next, ‘cause son a faggot!
Whole f**kin’ bracket done beat his ass!
How the f**k he gon' beat me!?
This sh*t just like my last battle, ‘cause it really shoulda been easy (Eazy)
I ain’t finna stand for it
Tonight I'm closin' that damn door, right in his face
I give a f**k if he think he the Land Lord
Man, I'll drop this b*t*h n***a so hard, they’ll say the land lowered
Stop playin' wit' me!
You beatin' me? How, b*t*h!?
It's child sh*t
The votes is in: every battle, you lost, on some wild sh*t
This a free throw for me, and you only got here off some foul sh*t
I killed three n***as, and they ain't do nothin' - now this!
You loud b*t*h!
Who the f**k really thinks he ready?
This b*t*h n***a's OG as Machine Gun Kelly
He not deadly
I know after that you prob'ly think I'm petty
But that's all you gettin' tonight
I'm puttin' you in a negative light, like the opening scene from Belly
Midwest!? It ain't no mid on the West! That's his default settings
I'll pull up to your crib and at the hospital if he thinks I'm reggie
It's ‘bout to get BAD for him!
Every opp' was outmatchin' him!
Ace pullin' your card is the only reason he had to win!
Kee-Kee at the hospital: you actin' this wasn't an accident!
Prob'ly bet the whole house on this moment!
‘Bout to leave NOME mad (nomad) as f**k, ‘cause he about to be homeless
You know who you wit', Fonz?
You think I won't leave your sh*t gone
You know how long I been waitin' on a n***a to pick on?
Like I won't defund the police soon as the divers get sent for him?
Insufficient Fonz (funds) at the riverbank, but nothing's withdrawn
Come on, n***a…
Little Ave, you better fight
This a battle for your life
If this makes Battle of the Night, it's ‘cause you battlin' the Nite!
Brought a Cleveland n***a wit' me
Last time a King was in L.A., we ain't even make the Playoffs
It's ‘cause I came here to educate
Welcome to the West, pu**y

[Round 1: Fonz]
Yo, where the water at?
I said, I'm finna do a mechanic greasy...real f**kin' greasy
But a lot of y'all don't get that
They say Jey talk crazy…
Well, I'm Fonz, a n***a that talk slick back (slickback)
Big facts…
But you gon' come with your slow delivery and violent tone and think that you gon' talk to me
pu**y, talk is cheap
And I know how you Hawaiians roll
n***a, your whole pack soft and sweet!
My thoughts elite!
But y'all act like he amazing here
Wit' a style you can't compare
Oh, he don't use gun bars?
So how the King legacy ‘posed to continue if he too afraid to raise and air (an heir)?
I shoot for real!
If he don't, then it's respect to bro
Your neck get broke!
Fonz vers' Nite King
All that means is they done gave me a n***a from the West to roast (Westeros)!
The Heckler blow, and that's the part that's alarming you
‘Cause if Nite (knight) didn't come here wit' heavy metal, then that b*t*h gon' lose a arm or (armor) two
I'm on to you!
They say Jey be livin' what he spit
A mechanic who think he gon' win on the West Coast ‘cause them (custom) n***as hold him down?
Well, I'm ‘bout to make an exhibit (Xzibit) out a b*t*h!
See, this the sh*t that get me p*ssed
You battle n***as that tough-act, y'all play it quite often
‘Til pipes sparkin'
Leg shot - BLAOW!
Last time, it was Wolverine
This time, I got Nite crawlin' (Nightcrawler)
Y'all like talkin'!
Me, I handle sh*t a different way
Pistol play
Yeah, all it takes is a brick to get yo' ass missin', Jey (J)
They talkin' ‘bout he Samoan, like that's gon' make it go a different way
I'm finna put the Polynesian in a bag: I'm talkin' Chick-Fil-A!
You think this sh*t for play!?
How they had you winnin' it wit' your lame ass?
Well, let me change that
I'mma leave L.A. over the Wing: that's the Game tat'
Yo' lame ass…
You wanna be Dwayne Johnson so bad? Well, that date gon' come
You keep comin' in here actin' like the Rock and I'm about to put your name on one!
You stay frontin'!
And your nerdy-ass fans be watchin' your battles like, “Jey buggin'”
Straight puffins
You a ventriloquist: do all that talkin' to say nothin'
What's the gain from it?
Light bars wit' a strong delivery
Got these n***as thinkin' he potent
I can see that he posted
I don't see the devotion
I can fry you, but I'd rather put him deep in the ocean
‘Cause either way, when Wing done, you gon' see that he floatin'
I got people in motion!
We come straight to your block
b*t*h, I'm a Glock-dumper!
Dome shot! Spray the cornrows: it's a crop duster
I do not trust ya
Your dirty ass prob'ly keep that 25 and be walkin' ‘round here lookin' like you still broke
You needed some real hope
“Oh, Fonz let Ace get him off his square”
So what, b*t*h? You the real joke
That n***a tricked you into sparrin' before y'all battle
You hopped in the ring and still choked
I kill folks!
Tell them n***as that when you run back
You dumb wack!
When it's over, they gon' call this sh*t a Scandal, this just facts
‘Cause you was s'posed to carry (Kerry) Washington - that's ‘til the gun clap
Fun fact: everywhere I go I come strapped!
Even over here
I got a .45 on the West, Wing - now Trump that!
Your bum ass, it's time I put you in your mothaf**kin' place
And slap that goofy grin right off your mothaf**kin' face...b*t*h

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