Don Marino vs. Eazy The Block Captain lyrics


[Round 1: Don Marino]
Eazy gonna talk to he murk sh*t
On the Philly corners wit' a firm grip
b*t*h, please, your only appeal (pill) is a Perc' flip
You're known for one angle, and this who I should be concerned with?
I know exactly where Eazy goin'
That's why you wasn't too hard to work with
I spar with the guys that you worship - DNA, Shine
My brothers lethal
Gave me some pointers to get to another sequel
Soon as the X (ex) got the call Block, I was ready to see other people
Mira, amigo
You're losing your spot
Andy goin' to college: you gettin' put in a box
Grand Theft Auto: the first levеl is easy (Eazy)
I just gotta cruise through the Block!
But lеt's stop 'cause y'all fired my mans
Clean cut: Neosporin
I felt 'So Sick' like one of Ne-Yo's chorus'
Y'all didn't think I was a street star (Streetstar), just somethin' Chino ordered
Then y'all bashed my Latin brother 'cause he supported
Norbes took a shot wit' DM, and it wasn't the first time he got beat up for it
'Cause you stood in front of that big lens
Did a blog and laughed wit' a big grin
See, Twork beat up Norbes for slidin' in the DMs
You didn't do sh*t to Twork when he slid into your BM!
Y'all seen him, found out he was smashin' shorty
Thought you and Hurricane had chemistry: laboratory
She told you everything 'bout when she had the glory to the saddest story
But left out one thing that was mandatory...
I guess Hurricane didn't wanna get into that category!
I'm askin' for me: why you didn't let the Ruger blast?
Oh, you from Philly, prob'ly left it in the car wit' his stupid ass
I woulda had two arms wavin' from the Trunk: Fusion Dance
And leave blood all over Twork: Superbad
It's f**kin' sad!
'Cause now you can't look at that Motel 6 the same
And when she wear those fishnet pantyhose, back of your mind you know she wore that for What's-His-Name
Yeah, you a lame!
She didn't keep it all the way real
This should get you amped
She gave you 50 while you gave 100: food stamps
When Twork told you, you didn't know what to say or do, champ!
The words left right out of Captain's mouth: boot camp!
See, you can't talk to me when you couldn't confront your chick
He's gonna say I'm a nice guy and I don't bust the clip
I'm lame, corny on some sucka sh*t
See, in battle rap, I'm not believable
Y'all can suck a d**k
'Cause in real life, I'm respected
That's why another battle rapper can't f**k my b*t*h
Don Marino

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