HD vs. Stef30 lyrics


[Round 1: Stef30]
You see, all the work that I done did, and it got me to the...Crucible
Man, I just gotta soak it in, you know?
Alright, f**k it, what's poppin', b*t*h?
I'll pull a Smith
Catch you pushin' your kids on the swing set
Lift up, then spray rounds
That's Mook vs. Street Hymns: I'm talkin' murder (Murda) on the playground
See, I could buck somethin' right now, and the EMTs will try to stop all the bleedin' after the trigger squeeze
So that's pressure...applied everywhere like Indeed!
Listen, king, I'm light-skinned
Pretty n***a, but don't let your chick meetin'
It only take about...30 seconds of convo 'fore she half-naked and your b*t*h creepin'
Top off...wit' the backside hangin' out like Yella Beezy
n***a, pull your grip!
You even let off one? I promisе, my clip gon' empty fast
Got me feelin' like a cashiеr during the pandemic
'Cause I gave him bucks back, but...now I'm talkin' to everybody through glass
See, maybe I'm not the one for URL
'Cause you can't sit me down in front of a opp' without expectin' damage
Take the TEC (Tech) out, and Blac(k) in the faceoff like Champion
Nah, nah, I'm cappin'
See, if URL really lookin' for a star, well...I'm here, my n***a
Could elevate the business
See, I can do what these n***as can't...that's white privilege!
Nice Smith n'
Creepin' down your block, loadin' the extended...

[Round 1: HD]
Yo...y'all lil' light-skin n***as always talkin' 'bout how y'all "tough in the streets"
You know what? I'mma use a freestyle to start
For thinkin' the b*t*h you came in with, lemme address this early: you are (k)not f**king with me
When I seen the pics...simply put, in my head, y'all all basic
A bunch of lame n***as who don't say sh*t
Sports scout f**k-up: you won't thrive in this system like wrong placement
Long 'K spit- nah, he can get a box for partakin'
Effective learnin'...(*smack*) it'll hit you quicker like hands-on trainin'
The next hit? Deadly
Ed, Edd n Eddy: (*smack-smack*) it's jaw-breakin'!
This your doomsday
Yeah, I'm HD, but I done upgraded to a whole new level: this Blu-Ray
You might be tough in the game, but you ain't out here bangin' on n***as for real like 2K!
The tool spray, get you slayed
Yeah, you might be tough, but...you ain't gon' hear what this dude say
I walked in wit' two Ninas like Bruce Wayne...
That just means I brought a couple like a group date!
You think you safe 'cause we on a livestream!?
I'll stab him up
Now y'all can watch his blood flow, a live stream!
Yeah, my mind clean
You might be real nice, lil' Stef, but this a shot that you ain't...

It's a laughing stock - ha-ha!
BOW! BOW! Now the joke's on you like a comedy scene!
I'm 'bout to let him have it!
(Time, time, time)
Boy...on God
1-0, lil' n***a
Real sh*t

Not facts - that sh*t was ass

Real sh*t, 1-0, lil' n***a

That sh*t was ass

Rap - rap

[Round 2: Stef30]
I said...

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