Viixen The Assassin vs. Fiirst Ladii Flamez lyrics


[Round 1: Fiirst Ladii Flamez]
I promise to bring the best out you and then knock the rest out you
And this the truth too
Cause if I'm nobody, I'm definitely not somebody you can afford to lose to
Plus, if you try me in this b*t*h, I'ma shoot you
No jokin'
All they'll hear is "n***a"s droppin' out of nowhere; Hulk Hogan
Ain't no hotbox in the whip, which for you simps, just means it's lit for whatever whip Viix' (Vic) rolls in
Turn that motherf**kin' C.I. to a Capri Sun
And just keep squeezin' until it's folded
I was wrecking havoc back when I was half assin'
You really f**ked up lettin' me focus in
Cause this that "right before a p*ss test" stress
Like, you can catch a contact at best but tonight you ain't smokin' sh*t
Now let's be real for a minute Viix'
How in the f**k are you an Assassin'?
Yeah you done hit a lot of n***as
And that body count vicious
But that's a different course of action
And the name is self proclaimed, I can't stand when people do that sh*t
It's like a kid doin' that dumb ass bridge and just calling it a backflip
See, I'm Fiirst Ladii Flamez
No matter whatever role I played they know that fits
And I was the first to get live on the set when called to action
I'm far from religious
But made it through Hell so I believe in both sides
And I hit licks, I don't turn tricks, I got too much pride
'Tis the season for trigger squeezin', I need all when I ride
Now you decide; give it to me or be given to God
I lost my mother and my mind, same time and date
So my thrill to kill? Skyrocket, I got impeccable rates
Then my brother died, I had to plant my feet and adjust my pace
Cause his first prize was a bullet and he wasn't even tryin' to race
So now now of you b*t*hes are safe
Take that exactly how it sounds sis'
Cause if 12 ain't hoppin' out it, I don't give a f**k about a Crown Viix' (Vic)
But I get why it mean so much to you though
And it ain't even that crazy
It had to suck, to f**k for fame and never actually make it
Just get Vicki with dead DNA, right back to the basics
And I don't really like to explain sh*t so I'ma make this quick
I'm from southside, big Brim, came up off of jackin' and sh*t
Not off, Jakk and his clique or jackin' his sh*t
Rode my own wave, ain't never been nowhere, jackin' his sh*t
And I've been bangin', since 13, b*t*h I brung Jakk in this sh*t
f**k outta here

[Round 1: Viixen The Assassin]

{Viixen walks over to Babs}

Let me speak to yo' manager
Let me speak to yo' manager


Somebody doin' the most
I feel like y'all done put me on Caffeine to stunt my growth
What is this bro?
I ain't here to brag on my name
But I told y'all I was done battlin' lames
I'm ready to break who in control, like I'm mad at the game
This sad in a way
This really who y'all wanna sacrifice today?
African ritual; I'm 'bout to dance around flames (Flamez)
When they said ya name, I almost said, "That's a dub."
With that DNA test I was 100%, the f**k makes you think I'm not a match for Blood?
Is you dumb?
Didn't you see how I put the last n***a in the dirt?
Now it's like I caught my boyfriend cheatin', I'm 'bout to put flames (Flamez) on a shirt
They call me for the work, I get the job done
Clutch the blade, insurance claim, I get paid once this go up in flames (Flamez)
You f**kin' lame
You ain't enough for me or touchin' me
She accepted the battle
Til I started punchin', now she duckin' me
I'll finish it, with the baby; joint custody
What's even worse is, you really feel like you can f**k wit' me
So I ain't come to play, gun'll spray
Headshot, blow it off, like, "I'll do it another day."
What they gon' say?
I shouldn't never of took you after DNA?
They right b*t*h
But Christmas next month...and my kids like nice sh*t
I'm here for the bag, the fans and to show I'm above ya
When this vixen (Viixen) walk in the room...all eyes on me motherf**ka!
But it's really some people that love her
They said you the female JC, so now I gotta see the pen
I'll break you down, in every way possible for me to win
Empty the clip, won't stop shootin' 'til I see the end
Then spin the block, JC for Chris Stokes, 'It's Me Again'
Fiirst Ladii
I'm here to serve ya
I'm dressed to cater
Fiirst Ladii?
I'm an Assassin, I shoot first and ask questions later
I'm not shootin' once, I'm not shootin' twice, she gettin' the full clip
Everything in flames (Flamez)...I ain't in for no bullsh*t
You a fool b*t*h
You think I'm worried 'bout your street ties?
You can't say I'm not from a hood, I still swing by
I done seen so much sh*t I got pink eye
When we slide, it's guns up how we ride
Clip flip like a cassette tape, it got a B side
Or get split up with the Tre, like Ricky before he died
No lie
We can put the guns up
With these I'll f**k you up
You think you tough?
She finna lie
I don't know if I can beat you to death but I'm finna try
Bob/weave, read the punch, it's not memorized
Then beat yo' ass
Just thinkin' 'bout that battle, it got me energized
Listen, they said I need to come today how I did vers' DNA
But you not DNA, that's aggravatin'
They said, "Viixen, don't get too big headed."
f**k that, y'all want the Jaz or Casey?
I should be in everybody top 5, I'm the best b*t*h
That's why she aimin' for the spot
You said I was stuck at mid-tier, right?
So just know that I'm aimin' for the top
Rap b*t*h!

[Round 2: Fiirst Ladii Flamez]
I'm not watchin' no f**kin' throne
Simply isn't somethin' my goals are in alignment with
And to tell the truth, I don't view being a Queen that only reigns over a ring as an accomplishment
But bad b*t*hes only wanna be the prize
So it makes sense why you so thirsty for them to box you in
But you know I love Glocks so don't even trip
Cause either way it's gon' be a box you in
I'm from where, most of us don't get in spots like this
So I promised mama, I'd focus more on the dollars than on the clips
But now-a-days, only scams make a need for ya piece legit
So I buck 50, it feel like hundreds comin'; Cash App flip
Nah, a buck 50, need a hundred somethin', stitches to patch that b*t*h
sh*t'll get spooky yo, cheap music video
Whole buncha cuts, scene (seen), then it's a wrap, that's it
And I don't give a f**k why you was sent, just all the ways you could die
I'm pessimistic, my only focus is your demise
But I think positive too, this clip half full at all times
Kindergarten vibes, I don't draw nothin' but large .9's
You gotta be high, even assumin' I'm the one for the games
Play what this bring in, and get a different group of rounds exchanged
I am nobody's slack of slime, simple and plain
All blood ain't yo' blood but it leak the same
I don't think, you was as prepared as you was 'pose to be, claimin' I couldn't hang
But I'm the one who bring the rope and things
But I guess, long as you gettin' hooked up, it doesn't matter who controls the strings
Cause I live my life on D&D, you know, silence on all sorts of things
Mama prayin' she don't get a call home
And the ops? Just hope it rings
A peaceful night is a luxury in my life, you gotta actually put in work for dreams
Cause sleepin' on a motherf**ker is the quickest way to die
So we givin' Freddy Krueger vibes
Cause you know everything hurt worst in dreams
I believe, you've been misinformed on what you in fo'
They should've told you I was gonna dump on you from the get go
Pump all in ya whip now, we ain't at the Citgo
Right behind V with all .8, I'm lettin' Sig's (cig's go)
Listen I'm an unbeautician ya get ya wig smoked
This type joy came from causing you pain, sh*t a sick joke
Positive pregnancy test
I am not the problem a thot b*t*h want
They thought I didn't stand a credible chance, dawg
Extended clip, sh*t, I got one helluva leg to stand on
You'll never see me in a pic' with my gun, this b*t*h ain't a prop
Plus it's all about the form, you ain't gotta see the arm to know I made the shot
I'm from the church of real steppers
All praises be to my weapons when I see the op
Cause I'm from southside, after the shot we spin back on the block

[Round 2: Viixen The Assassin]
We all still tryin' to figure out how the f**k you got to Watch The Throne
Somebody's sellin' you some weak dreams
Obviously to them names don't matter
...but who the f**k is Denique Greene?
Denique Greene, I hate ya name fo' sho' 'Nique
You got a gun, so 'Nique?
Let's get it on 'Nique
Chopper with the banana clip, you'se a joke 'Nique
Cause when this big b*t*h stand up you gon' need Mo'Nique
Gun butt her, her dome leak
You gettin' crazy wreck
I'll have ya family diggin' ya grave
One foot after the other, baby steps
We not here cause they think you the best
We here so I can teach you the game
We not here cause they think you the best, we here so I can drop jewels on you, teach you the game
Show you how to perfect ya aim before you send those shots
Yeah you from Richmond, but I'm Coach Carter I got them gyms (gems) on lock
b*t*h just stop
I'm the one that make the sale
You want "fame", but look at ya name, it's not "Flamez" until you take this L
Oh you don't know me well
If you not family, don't come around Blood, it was on sight (site) when I found Blood
Her first impression? A bum b*t*h that run her mouth
My first impression? Gon' be diggin' in ya f**kin' scalp
Competition? I don't see none
Co-sign? Didn't need one
A couple hit her body, it's a threesome
Is she dumb?
You ain't half as nice, the average type
Thinkin' you can beat me? b*t*h burn in Hell, you can still be flames (Flamez) in ya afterlife
These hands is nice, I
Knock ya back straight, sit on up
She want drama until I hit her with the left, right, left, get on up
b*t*h you f**ked
I'm still over the body
How could she live?
f**k is she dead kick I'm stompin' on flames (Flamez) like I don't want the fire to spread
Don't think that the way that I look determines the way that I live
My mom birthed my little sister while she was on house arrest
Before COVID we was facin' cases inside of the crib
You know what I don't like about you b*t*h?
You act like when God made you, people stopped makin' guns
Is you losin' ya mind?
You got a stick, I got a stick
I guess the blind leadin' the blind
Battlin' me was a mistake
She was sleepin' on me, now her family at a big wake
Snapshot, both sides of her face; intake
Ya n***as book somebody else draws like an inmate
I've been great
Amazin' wit' effort
They knew this what I was Fantastic 4 (for)
I was made under pressure
Before last month they treated me like an Invisible Woman
Now I'm the Storm to the weather
So today, this Thing will put Flame on a stretcher
b*t*h I'm reckless
Fiirst Ladii? You never was in my radar
They wanna see you dead
And I'm first in line for the kick like a sneaker head
I'll run in ya crib, trap house, mama basement, where ever you live
I need the weed, cash, stash and the guns
They said, "Why you want Fiirst place so bad?"
Cause b*t*h I'm second to none
You f**kin' nobody wit' no bodies, ain't even hit puberty yet, got no body
I'll let you [?] , gon' try me
I'll cap so if I catch Ladii slippin' I'm peelin', I'm so godly
I don't mean to be so c*cky
But everything I ran across been gettin' murked lately
It's only gettin' worse Ladii
You got a son? BAA!
You can still get ya first baby
I went down on her and Jakkboy
Gerald and Betty Ford
This .38 press a dent (president) in his sh*t but you're first lady (Fiirst Ladii)
Honestly, I never asked for you
b*t*h, is you kiddin' me?
The only thing to ever reach for flames (Flamez) was the Statue Of Liberty
I can flip that better
Cause I'm a master of course
Why would I give Ladii (Lady) Liberty?
With my stats you (statue) should be tryin' to pass me the torch

[Round 3: Fiirst Ladii Flamez]
Everybody came from a struggle, so we not discussin' mine
What matters is I can get through anything with this f**kin' .9
You know, exactly why I'm here, don't f**kin' lie
You just better hope, you only die here and not the f**k outside
Cause once it get activated
Ain't no talkin', just pressin'
The real killers gon' think I lost my mind
Got a whole lot of choppers
Saw the baby and I'm still gon' slide
I refuse to be redefined
So y'all gotta take it or leave it
Cause they glorify bein' hoes as if they changin' the meanin'
Meanwhile I, personify standin' on what you believe in
And that sh*t got me feelin'...Amish as ever
Just knowin' a hat this big hold weight where ever
So go 'head and tell 'em I don't belong, that's just gon' make it better
I got my leg up in the game off keepin' mine together
Both ya legs been up for some change but we arrive together
See we got views so they could view how different b*t*hes respond to pressure
Never needed to be on Demon time, I'm a whole f**kin' Devil
And y'all really shouldn't have let me in, sh*t gonna get real ghetto
Mansion party, I'm with what-the-f**k ever on any level
This drum kick will really crank in this b*t*h, no heavy metal
If V in range, I'm high key draggin'
I'm talkin' falsetto with the beats, or low with the Smith &
Social distance, I left her body in every other seat
b*t*h I got a diabetic aesthetic, that meanin' nothin' sweet
Lemony Snicket, the mask makes no difference, they know what's up with me
I grew up sharin' the biscuit so me and mines could eat
Now the table covered in bread, look like a f**kin' feast
You don't even know what that mean but think you f**kin' street
I don't give a f**k how they think
Long as you know the stakes
I don't really need that back end I'll break ya f**kin' face
And go home and turn my leftovers into a couple plates
Amber Alert, my name ring bells in a buncha states
It's a known fact I get sh*t done
Paparazzi vibes, you won't even realize where that shot click from
Nah, team practice
We lay up then drill to make the picks fun
Who convinced you, you was a killer tho'?
I'm tryin' to comprehend the mix up
The only stories I know about vixen (Viixen) grippin' the pole involve a d**k suck
Since a kid, I've been gripped up
Stashin' so many guns it feel like I'm hoardin'
Plus I'm nice as f**k in the field, before I even touch down they can hear me scorin'
I'm like 5-0, just off the things I put this .4 in
So send me the addy and I'm pullin' up, then I'm kickin' ya door in
And I heard that bullsh*t 'bout n***as helpin' you write
But Murda in a Squad and Bonnie in a Gang kinda got me hype
So tell ya mans, dinner on me for the night
And this mil' will walk E (Milwaukee) to the afterlife
Richmond n***a

[Round 3: Viixen The Assassin]
So you look like a n***a
But like n***as?
Like n***a...why that somethin' we should glorify?
'Til I address you with a pump and a bag, let's get in touch wit' ya girly side
Tell me why, this really Jakkboy Maine b*t*h
Well I kidnap Jakkboy Maine quick
Slice his chest, reach in, dig around 'til I find the part
I don't care if you his side b*t*h or Main(e) b*t*h, I got his heart
When I [?], I pull up strong
I smoke you, then Jakkboy, this a chain reaction, don't make me call John John
This sh*t is wrong
I know n***as thirsty for pu**y and wouldn't even let you give 'em head
But this what he like to f**k right
What's life?
b*t*h my n***as wouldn't draw a d**k on yo' face if it's a prank on a drunk night
That sh*t got me tight
Admit you a dyke
Ain't no need to play
I will slap the n***a outta you and introduce you to the b*t*h I slapped outta DNA
I'm here to make you, break you, erase you
Quiet on the set
{Cutting sound}
First cut didn't work {cutting sound again} had to take two
Little Ms. Glocks Didn't Fit In The Pocketbook, but this blade do
I seen ya interview
You talked about ya dad and how he walked out ya life, that's rough
So you put on this façade to try to fill his manly ways
That mask you lend (masculine) to ask tough, that's f**ked up
He the reason you started to hood bluff
He showed you that he never cared and you said you would never be like ya dad
So you take the baby everywhere, but let's make this clear
You are way more f**ked up than ya dad
You really post pictures of ya son with a red bandana on his head?
Oh you want him to be a thug like you?
A Blood like you
I need you to put your mind in focus
Those streets gon' tie you up before you and him ever get a real bonding moment
Cause I heard you was the best shooter in ya hood
You think that's good?
You want props bro?
Stop hoe
How does it feel to be known for drawin' but ya son would rather look up to Picasso
I know!
This might destruct and hurt ya
You don't spend time wit' ya kid cause you too busy tryin' to "make the streets"
Did you know he wanted to be a construction worker?
I need you to open ya eyes and understand what I'm sayin'
It doesn't matter if he wanna be an architect and make buildings if you not there to lay the foundation
But I'm a real mother, so you prolly not feelin' me
You'll never know how good ya son is with numbers until you take accountability
Before the time he 18, do you want him to be a felon, b*t*h?
He'll never understand the ethic of real work if you too busy sellin' it
That's some selfish sh*t
You got the pot whippin', you need to stop trippin'
Before you get popped kid, you do not listen
I do not get it
Is your household only worried about who's set trippin'?
Ain't Jakkboy a Blood too?
He don't give a f**k about you
Stop worried about the Blood's c*ming in you worry about the blood that's comin' out you
Me and you? We're two different b*t*hes
Me and you? We're not comparison?
I need you to get it, you're dough obsessed
I set trends, we two different b*t*hes
Ya flag red, battling me was a red flag we two different b*t*hes
You bang on Bloods
BAOW, I leave blood on bangs, we two different b*t*hes
I'm really startin' to think Yoshi only did this for attention
Whoever d**k you suck or pu**y you ate to get here, I don't concern that
That bridge, you already burn that
Y'all see how I'm bodying Flamez (body in flames)? That's urn, at least you earn that
So y'all can go and find another b*t*h that say she's f**kin' wit' me
But make sure she's sugar free
Cause these b*t*hes-
Nah I'm not gonna kiss ya teeth cause it look like it stink
Body gang

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